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Beluran folks feeling the heat

31st July, 2018


BELURAN: The heavy rain which lasted for nearly 10 minutes brought a brief moment of relief to folks in the Telupid area on Sunday night.

“The weather here has been unusually hot for the past few days compared to other normal days,” Telupid/Tongod Assistant Education Officer Tommy Amir said when contacted by New Sabah Times on Monday.

Tommy said it rained on Sunday night at about 9.30pm but briefly. The hot weather has not disrupted classes but schoolchildren should consume more water because prolonged exposure to the scorching heat causes discomfort and dehydration.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department on Sunday said three towns recorded maximum temperatures of between 35°C and 37°C over three consecutive days.

Beluran in Sabah, Sik in Kedah and Kuala Krai in Kelantan are on heatwave alert following unusually high temperatures in recent days.

“Based on temperature monitoring throughout the country until July 26, Sik, Kuala Krai and Beluran are at heatwave alert level Category 1,” MetMalaysia Director-General Alui Bahari said recently.

He said this in response to questions from the media on the possibility that the current heatwave hitting Europe, Japan and other parts of the world could also affect Malaysia.

In Malaysia, a 2016 technical meeting on tackling El Niño and dry weather agreed on the definition of heatwave. According to the definition, hot weather is divided into four categories.

Category 0 or monitoring level is when the temperature in a location is below 35°C.

Category 1 or alert level is when the maximum temperature reaches 35-37°C for three days straight. Category 2 or heatwave level sees temperatures of over 37°C for three days straight.

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