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Tanjung Aru Sabah State Library to open early next year

13th July, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: The anticipated Tanjung Aru Sabah State Library is expected to start operating early next year with state-of-the art facilities to provide digital experience to the public.

Its director Wong Vui Yin said the 6-storey building covering over 62,000 sq feet will feature interior designs that no library in Sabah has ever seen before.

The building which received its Occupation Certificate and was handed over last May, he noted, is now undergoing interior works that are set to be completed in eight months’ time.

“We are now doing the inside like buying of the shelves, built in furnitures and things like that…probably by end of Dec it will be completed so we expect to move in and open some time in January or February.”

He explained that five levels of the building will be open to members of the public while the other one is allocated for staffrooms.

Speaking of the library’s collection of books, Wong stated that while they are in the process of buying new books, the new library will also be equipped with digital contents.

“We will be providing a lot of ICT, iPads and touch screen TVs for people to experience the digital library format. “We’ll have conventional books but a lot of it will be on digital content including e-books, e-magazines and databases which will be available within the library itself,” he said to reporters when met at Ministry of Education and Innovation Raya Open House.

According to him, the State library is also looking to move the Suria Sabah library to the city centre High Court complex once the court is relocated to the new building at Bukit Punai off Jalan Kolam.

He disclosed that they had sought a 10,000sq feet space at the court complex from the city council which is bigger than the existing 6,000sq feet Suria Sabah library.

“We are paying rental at Suria (Sabah) so we’re moving from there to the city centre and most probably it will be somewhere around the high court complex area, the one next to City Park.”

For the time being, he said, the Suria Sabah library will remain open until it gets the final decision to be relocated which he expects to see next year.

“We have to wait for high court to move out first and hand over (the building) to the city council (before) the city council assigns us the space.”

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