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Huge demand for skilled spa therapists

12th July, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: Skilled spa therapists are in demand and command a handsome pay too. Although the working hours are long, 12 hours to be exact, the masseurs still can utilise their free time to learn while waiting for the next customer.

“Learn continuously to improve your skills as there is a huge demand for skilful spa therapists,” said Excellence Skill Academy manager Stella Matuya.

“Always give your best services as the customers are paying your salary,” advised Stella during the academy’s 5th Graduation Ceremony for the Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera’s Iltizam Spa Therapists Skill Training Programme at a resort here on Tuesday.

A total of 38 trainees attended the graduation ceremony and witnessed by their parents and family members. Yayasan Peneraju’s director (Benefits Recipients Administration Division) Kama Bistari Muhammad said the newly graduates were among the 40,000 trainees nationwide to receive assistance for advance training under Yayasan Peneraju by 2020.

He said Yayasan Peneraju provides human capacity building to help the Bumiputeras to undergo skill training programmes nationwide.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Rozie David who emerged as the best student has opted to continue working at the Legasi Spa in Penang after receiving her certificate.

“I could earn more than RM3,000 per month and I send some of my earnings back home to support my parents who both work as farmers,” said the sixth child from 10 siblings from Kampung Nupakan, Tambunan.

She said a hostel was provided for the trainees and it was her older sister who had already working on the island encouraged her to venture there.

The outing was also an opportunity for to gain experience and exposure as she hopes to eventually return home to work and be closer to her family.

The lack of job opportunities in Sabah was the reason she went to Penang.

“Working as a spa therapist also have its challenges too as every day they face all sorts of characters and antics from the customers”, she stressed.

1Healthy Reflexology and Beauty Point is one of the academy’s partners who provide on-the-job training for the trainees.

Its owner, David Liew said they have been collaborating for 10 years now and absorbed most of the trainees into his centre after they graduated.

Spa therapists in Sabah can earn about RM2,000 per month, he disclosed.

Oscar Teh from Penang who also collaborate with the academy said there is a huge demand for trained spa therapists in Penang where they can earn between RM2,000 and RM6,000 per month.

He said the trainees are closely monitored by Stella as she visits them monthly to check on their progress and address their problems.

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