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Road2Growth talk for entrepreneurs

11th July, 2018


KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) hosted Road2Growth 2018 tour talk for entrepreneurs in Sabah to gain information on funding and available services from MTDC.

MTDC Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Norhalim Yunus said that the annual programme is a platform for entrepreneurs especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) who are seeking funding for commercialization of indigenous technology and innovation, and MTDC’s incubator facilities and training programs.

“This is an annual programme we organise in Sabah. This programme was previously called Road2Funding but last year we changed its name to Road2Growth to provide more emphasis towards the entrepreneurs and also our effort in developing a company.

“Raising funds has always been a concern of a company or entrepreneurs, as we have always seen before. But in our context, sometimes the challenges and solutions are not only in the form of funds alone,” he said. He said this during a press conference at the MTDC Road2Growth 2018 programme at the Grand Borneo Hotel, on Tuesday.

“We at MTDC would like to provide an opportunity to all entrepreneurs to discuss with us not only about how to be eligible for funding but also on how to develop the company as well as other components. This includes technology where MTDC has collaborated with all local universities and also private universities, as well as funding.

“Other than that, we also provide services such as incubator and accelerator programme and advisory services such as mentoring, soft-landing, branding, fundraising, international collaboration and networking, financial, marketing, and expo.

“What we want to create in MTDC is an ecosystem where all members of MTDC who received funds would help each other,” he said.

He also added that besides the briefing and networking session, participants would also be given the opportunity to pitch their technology-based projects to a panel of experts at the programme where it will also be available in all Road2Growth programmes as well as regular weekly pitching sessions in MTDC’s office.

“At this year’s Road2Growth event, we will see an additional agenda which is the Pitching session. We are encouraging our entrepreneurs or technopreneurs to attend the pitching sessions in all our tour talks as a mean of opportunity to present their technology-based projects.

“Local small-and-medium-sized industries have to start developing products and services for the fourth industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) in order to stay relevant in the market,” he stated.

Norhalim also added that small and medium sized industries have to adopt and adapt with the upcoming industry 4.0 in Malaysia in order to stay relevant in the market.

He explained that the adoption of automation and technological advancement eliminates wastage, is at lower costs, increases their customer base, and rises above the competition.

“This is where MTDC plays its role in identifying and providing a platform for small and medium enterprises to participate in Industry 4.0.

“Therefore the pitching session conducted will be an opportunity for them to present their ideas and to evolve their products to be Industry 4.0 ready, where the programme will be undertaken by MTDC’s Technopreneurs Training Academy (TENTERA).

As a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad and an agency under MOSTI, the government has entrusted MTDC to manage multiple matching funds since the Seventh Malaysia Plan until today.

MTDC offers Commercialisation of Research and Development Fund (CRDF), Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF), Business Startup Fund (BSF), Business Growth Fund (BGF), Business Expansion Fund (BEF) and Halal Technology Development Fund to assist companies and entrepreneurs at different levels of business undertakings.

Road2Growth 2018 is free and open to entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors, members of business chamber and business associations as well as State Government officials in charge of entrepreneur development. The roadshow is part of nationwide programme organized by MTDC this year. Next session will be held in Kuching, Sarawak.

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