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English camp for children in RDC

5th July, 2018


SANDAKAN: Modern parents often face much dilemma. So much danger lurking everywhere; germs, kidnappers, or even things of superstition.

Therefore the best way is to confine our precious children inside our house. Gone are the days where our children can roam around the neighbourhood, climbing trees, or catching tadpoles in streams. We hand them an iPad or stick them in front of the TV so we adults can do our house chores or other such assignments, or have a snooze.

These so called “wonderful” technologies have become nannies to our childrens. Hence when they grow up and they can’t communicate with others, we blame the schools and others but never ourselves.

Harvard Health Publishing from Harvard Medical School did a study on six reasons children need to play outside. The main points are that children who play outside tend to be more vigilant, sociable and more intuitive.

Having said that, three caring mothers in Sandakan have decided to conduct a fun, happy and great English camp at the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) in Sepilok.

This camp caters for children ranging from 5 to 12 years old and will be held from 23-25 August from 9am till 4pm, except on the 25th of August which will be from 9am to noon. The other objective of this camp are to enable our children to learn about mother nature in a hands-on and fun way; and all participants would be taught in Jolly Phonics to enhance on their pronunciation and communication skills in English.

RDC is part of the Sabah forest reserve in Sandakan. It is the best kept secret of our town of Sandakan, and we are proud to share it with the world.

RDC is located almost 16 miles away from the Sandakan city centre. It is pretty surreal when you are in the bustling activities of the town but when you travel 25 minutes, you are surrounded with amazing, tranquil greenery.

The centre is a Mother Nature based classroom where you can learn flora and fauna simultaneously.

The teachers are world renowned trainers who train other teachers from different countries. They have great credentials under their belts.

Teacher Creena Allison Wong who is a mother of seven is a principal for two nurseries and one kindergarten in Kota Kinabalu. Other than minding her schools she works closely on the LINUS program with the Ministry of Education.

Teacher Coral George, a certified qualified teacher in Britain, started her career teaching in England followed by some time in Egypt before finally joining the Spanish Ministry of Education/British Council “Bilingual Project”.

The organisers hope in these three days, the children will have a memorable and adventurous school holiday. For further information, do not hesitate to call Ms Wong at 010 7749899 or email us at entze_grace@yahoo.com.

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