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Centre Point Sabah’s Kids Funtivity Week ends

5th July, 2018

KOTA KINABALU: Centre Point Sabah’s Kids Funtivity Week finally came to its end with Lil Fairy Tale Fashionista and Glory Cup Kids Carnival competitions held at Palm Square on June 30.

Jointly organized with Qdees Starter Preschool, the Fashionista competition that comprised three categories gathered 35 participants aged 3 to 9 years who strut their way on the stage with fairy tale costumes.

Apart from the showcasing of colourful and creative costumes, participants and visitors were also served with side activities that included Smurf mascot appearance, movie show time and balloon twisting activity.

For Category A (3-4 years old), Sofia Rania was named winner followed by Thania Tamira and Alistair Ng Jun Cheng as first and second runner-ups while Category B (5-6 years old) saw Nur Tiara Natasha as winner followed by Ahmad Hamizzan and Janelle Ng in the second and third place.

As for Category C (7-8 years old), the winner was Jade Roxanne with Deana Annabella coming in as first runner up followed by Dayang Adryana in the third place.

Prizes were presented by General Manager of Pan-Pacific Management Services Sdn. Bhd Edward Chang, Director of Slim Fashion Fundy Yih and Principal of Qdees Starter Preschool Shunmugan.

Meanwhile, the Glory Cup Kids Carnival Contest saw 72 participants aged 4 to 12 years old experimenting with their creativity. The carnival which started with Drawing and Colouring Contest proceeded with Comic Drawing Contest which gave the children freedom and opportunity to uncover their skills in sketching and colouring.

Other fun activities included while the contest went on were face painting and crafting. For Drawing and Colouring Contest, participants were divided into three groups whereby five were selected as the top winners.

Winners for Group A (4-6 years old) were Kingsley Chong Seng Hao, Queensley Chong Yee Xuan, Alston Tiong Ing Hein, Kimberly Lee Pei Ni and Reyna Deon By while winners for Group B (7-9 years old) were Yeong Tian Xin, Alyssa Ma, Ong Li Wen, Raymond Ting and Yeoh Jia Yee.

Group C (10-12 years old) winners were Yeong Jia Wen, Khor Joo Ching, Aadah Wong Chee Yie, Yeong Tian Yi and Rachel Wong Li Wee.

Meanwhile, Comic Drawing Contest saw Ong Li Wen, Raymond Ting, Yeong Tian Xin and Elise Ho as winners for Group A (7-9 years old) and Wong Yee Kee, Esther Ting, Yeong Tian Yi, Yeong Jia Wen and Khor Joo Ching as winners for Group B (10-12 years old). – By DK Ryni Qareena

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