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Caught – farmer with his one-man gun shop

12th June, 2018

PENAMPANG: The District police here have arrested last Friday a 46-year-old farmer who operated as an unlicensed gunsmith at his home in Kg Kibunut, near here.

The 1.37am raid uncovered the man’s home workshop where he had been producing home-made shotguns (known as bakakuks) for over the past 15 years.

Penampang police chief, DSP Haris Ibrahim, said the man claimed that the firearms were made for crop protection in his farm but police information had it that he had sold a number of his creations for up to RM600 apiece.

Police seized three finished bakakuks and a few components, a live shotgun shell along with six empty ones, 185 pieces of 5.56mm bullet casings, an M16 rifle magazine and various power tools believed used to construct the weapons.

“The suspect had stolen the empty 5.56mm casings when he worked as a cleaner for a private security company 10 years ago.

“He is charged under Section 8 of the Arms Act 1960 where he may face a maximum 7-year jail term and a fine of RM 10,000 if convicted,” DSP Haris told a press conference at the Penampang police station.

He added that not only is possessing a bakakuk illegal but may also be dangerous to its shooter as the round (bullet) may explode and backfire due to the lack of safety standards that goes into the firearm’s mechanics. –By Jonathan Nicholas

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