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Police denied social media claim regarding attempted rape victim

17th April, 2018

TAWAU: Police here have denied a social media claim that a nine-year-old girl was a victim of an attempted rape in the vicinity of the Pasar Tanjung a few days ago.

District Police Chief ACP Fadil Marsus said in a statement that the suspect had merely tried to chat up the girl whose scream drove away the potential intruder.

“The girl has denied there was an attempted rape or molest, and she showed no sign of injuries. She told us that she was surprised and started to scream when the suspect tried to offer her five ringgit,” said ACP Fadil.

The suspect, 25, was arrested by the police for not having proper identification documents. He was suspected to suffer from a mental disorder. His urine test also showed up negative.

The girl’s mother, aged 43, had lodged a report with the police at about 1.56pm last Sunday, alleging that her daughter was disturbed by an unknown man.

The girl apparently became separated from a group of friends she was playing with.

While on the way home alone, she was accosted by the suspect who did not utter a word but offered RM5 to the girl. – By Nazrini Badarun

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