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Sabah International Dairies make good with school programme

Justin (2nd left) hands over a mock cheque for RM50,000 to Alex while SID officers look on

14th November, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah International Dairies Sdn Bhd (SID) yesterday sponsored RM50,000 for the ‘New Sabah Times Goes To School – Moulding The Next Generation’ programme.

SID chairman Datuk Justin Guka presented a cheque to New Sabah Times’ marketing manager Alex Chin at the SID office here for the 2018 programme.

The contribution will help kick-start the programme in 2018 to benefit primary and secondary students across the state.

Speaking to reporters later, Justin said they were glad to be part of this noble project.

“This contribution is part of the company corporate social responsibility (CSR). We believe education is very important to our people, especially the young ones,” he said.

He noted there were some who still could not afford adequate learning materials.

“We hope this programme can help the needy, especially those who still cannot afford to buy adequate learning materials,” Justin added.

Under the programme, free copies of New Sabah Times are distributed to schools, especially those in far-flung areas in Sabah which are not easily accessible.

Apart from enabling students to discover for themselves the value of acquiring the newspaper-reading habit, the programme helps to inculcate among our young people a love of the English language by introducing students to the delights of a daily read of Sabah’s community newspaper.

The programme also includes the“Score A” pullout to help Primary Six pupils excel in the UPSR examination. As a responsible and caring publication, the New Sabah Times values integrity and has always adhered to the tenets of ethical journalism.

Thus, by making our newspaper readily available to young people, we hope to instil good values in all students such as honesty, humility and concern for others less fortunate than themselves.

Additionally, success stories carried in the newspaper can inspire young people to dare dream big about achieving their own life goals.

By supporting this programme, commercial enterprises will be able to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities by giving something back to the community.

Earlier, the SID also contributed RM10,000 to Persatuan Bahasa Kadazandusun Insitut Perguruan Guru (IPG) Kampus Keningau.

Its head of Kadazandusun Language Department, Gordian Pius said that the donation would be used to cover the institute’s language exchange programme next month.

He said under the programme 37 students taking the Kadazandusun Language course and four lecturers would be making a five-day visit to Taiwan starting December 4.

“The purpose of the visit is to do a study on the local language there, which is quite similar to the Kadazandusun Language in Sabah,” Gordian said.

He added that the research findings would be documented and used as reference for the IPG students. Trip coordinator, George A. Embayan said that they were very happy to receive the financial support. “SID helps us to cover our expenditures,” he said.

Student representative, Elvies Ramidi, 21, said he was excited about the trip.This is our first major project and it is important to discover more about our language throughout the visit,” said Elvies.

Also present at the ceremony yesterday was SID general manager Johan Nasir Yeo.

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