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Witness: Bouncer slashed three men including Yaacob

13th October, 2017

KOTA KINABALU: An eyewitness testified yesterday that he saw a bouncer slashed three men, including the 18-year-old Yaacob Nasran.

Omar Khan Hussin, 32, also informed the court that the incident happened only eight feet from where he stood, where he saw his bouncer friend, which he later identified as Mohd Azmin Lidin, who is sitting in the accused dock, slashed Yaacob with a samurai sword.

He even asked the court’s permission to stand in the witness dock as he was trying to describe what happened during the incident via a sketch plan and photos.

Omar is the 11th witness to testified in the trial of the 29-year-old Siam Thai Bar bouncer, Mohd Azmin, who is accused of murdering Yaacob outside of the bar at Jalan Asia City here, between 3.30am and 4.30am on December 15, 2016.

The accused, who appeared before Judge Datuk Nurchaya Hj Arshad, is facing the mandatory death sentence if convicted under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

Omar, during the examination-in-chief by Deputy Public Prosecutor Gan Peng Kun, said he and the accused worked as bouncers at the Siam Thai Bar.

He said during the 2am incident, a group of teenagers, about six to eight people, went to the bar and ordered drinks. There were also other customers, including one Adi and one Amir.

He said he knew Adi because he was a regular customer and as for Amir, he was informed that he is Manja’s husband. Manja works as a cashier at the bar.

“After some drinks, Amir and Adi came out through the front door and chatted in front of the bar. Not long after that I saw Amir, Adi and Manja quarrelling.

“When I saw them quarrelling, I asked Manja to look after Amir and Adi in case they stirred up trouble.

“Later, Amir raised his voice and asked “Kenapa, apa saya buat?” He continued on shouting “Mana bouncer?” “After that he (Amir) took off his belt and I saw Adi tried to calm him down but Amir ignored him and started kicking the chairs and tables outside the bar.

“I then went inside the bar and asked my colleague (later identified as Nur Aini Abu Bakar, the Assistant Manager of Siam Thai Bar) to call the police. At that time, Amir swung his belt against the roller shutter of the bar door.

“I closed the door and asked my boss, Billy Hi, to close the bar as there was a fuss and informed the customers to finish up their drinks and go home.

“Before we (later revealed that he was referring to his bouncer friend, Azmin, as “we”) could escort our boss to leave the bar, there were some customers who haven’t left the bar including the teenage group.

“As we exit the bar, we could still hear Amir’s angry voice but we continued on escorting our boss to the car park and entered a car,” he said.

To answer a question regarding the swords which were found at the scene, Omar explained that the swords were his and were put at the deejay’s counter for security purposes.

Omar said he and Azmin returned to the bar in separate route.

To a question, Omar said he advised a man and woman (identified as among the teenagers) to go home while he (Omar) went to his car and drove off.

At this point, he saw Adi and Amir were still quarrelling. “I looked at the rear mirror and saw a fight had occurred. I then stopped my car, went out and walked towards the scene.

“I advised one of the teenagers to bring his friends home. I also introduced myself as the bouncer of the bar.

“And then, I saw a man and a woman were fighting with Adi on the road. I immediately jumped over the fence to calm the situation but I couldn’t stop Adi from punching the man… Later, the man and the woman managed to escape from Adi.

“I walked away and as I looked back, I saw Adi approaching the man and woman who was at my right side. As I tried to stop him, I tripped and when I tried to stand up, I saw Azmin slashed the three men,” he said.

To a question, Omar said, he saw Azmin slashed a man (the first victim) who was next to the Hilux, followed by another guy who was together with the first man.

“I shouted, “Bro, sudah, cukup,” but Azmin ignored me,” he said, adding that Azmin later slashed Yaacob. Omar said, the other victims fled and he saw Azmin chasing them.

When he realised that he could not control the situation, Omar returned to his car and drove towards the car park area but he was stopped by Azmin who emerged in front of Omar’s car.

“I stopped my car and Azmin entered. As there was no way to go directly to the police station, I drove towards Asia City to Restoran Sempelang and when we arrived at Restoran Abu Dhabi area, Azmin asked me to stop my car when he saw a man whom he called as John. John was a part-time bouncer at Siam Thai Bar.

“Azmin gave John the two swords including mine,” Omar said, adding that he then drove to the Karamunsing police station for further action.

Omar said he did not manage to lodge a police report as he was asked by a police officer, one Tuan Mustapha, to go to Siam Thai Bar. Omar said he and Azmin left the police station. He said Azmin went back with their colleague, one DJ Shaman, while he drove his car to Siam Thai Bar. As he arrived at the bar, he saw many people were there including the police.

A group of seven people were called to be identified in court and Omar identified them as the group who went to Siam Thai Bar and sat at the table at the back of the bar.

He also identified the first person who was slashed by the accused was the man wearing a blue shirt (later identified as one Muhammad but the second person was not seen in the group).

The examination in-chief ended about 4.30pm, yesterday. The court then adjourned the trial to Nov 6-9 with about six to eight more witnesses to be called.

Counsel Dato Rakbir Singh represented the accused while counsel Mary Gomez was holding a watching brief for the victim’s family. – ECA

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