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Armed robbery: Unemployed man gets 12 years in jail

13th October, 2017

KOTA KINABALU: An unemployed man will spend the next 12 years behind bars for robbing a supermarket while armed with a sword last week.

Mohd Khairol Kamis, will also be whipped once, as Sessions Court Judge Noor Hafizah Mohd Salim pronounced the sentence.

Mohd Khairol was convicted under Section 392/397 of the Penal Code, which carries a jail term of up to 14 years and whipping.

He robbed a 26-year-old man who is an assistant branch manager at 99 SpeedMart in Taman Limauan Kinarut Papar at 8.50am on Oct 3.

The court heard that the accused entered the supermarket with his face covered with a black cloth while holding the katana and said, “Boss, this is a robbery, give me RM200” in Malay.

The victim said he had no money, but the accused demanded that the he take the money from the cash register together with a pack of cigarettes, before fleeing.

Mohd Khairol told the victim to ask payment for the cigarette from his boss who has a mobile shop near the area. He was arrested by police when the victim and his colleagues, who were in the store during the incident, identified him.

In seeking for leniency, the unrepresented accused asked for a light sentence saying that he was under the influence of alcohol during the incident.

He also added that the people at his surroundings talked badly about him and caused him to be under pressure. He said he is the sole breadwinner supporting his parents and six siblings.

In reply, Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Khairuddin urged the court to impose a deterrent sentence on the grounds that Mohd Khairol’s act had caused fear to the victim as he used a weapon.

According to him, the accused should have thought of his family before committing the offence. The court ordered Mohd Khairol to serve the jail term from his date of arrest on Oct 4. – NEDM

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