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Cancer-stricken Faisul turns fireman for a day

14th September, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: A cancer-stricken boy with a big heart got a taste of life as a fireman as Children’s Wish Society (CWS) of Malaysia granted his wish at the Likas Women and Children Hospital here yesterday.

A patient of Precursor B-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia, 14-year-old Muhammad Faisul Iman Isma Yakub dreamed of becoming a fireman with the intention to ‘help people’.

“I wanted to, but since I am sick, I could not achieve my ambition so I’m thankful that the firemen came here today, brought me around (in the fire engine), I am very happy,” said the young boy with a slight smile.

Faisul who is the fourth child out of five was given the opportunity to wear complete fireman uniform and was brought on a ride around Kingfisher Likas in the fire engine before getting a chance to handle the fog nozzle to give him the experience of becoming a fireman.

His dream was made possible with the help and collaboration of the State Fire and Rescue Headquarters which involved 12 firefighters.

Its Second Senior Fire Officer, Rozam Shah Rahmat said, “He heard the conversation between the operations movement centre and the fire engine and he was very delighted to experience the real feeling as if he were in a real operations….we gave him real situations and turned on the siren but of course normally fire engines would go fast but this time, we went slow, just for him.”

According to Rozam, the facial expression shown by Faisul proved his excitement where he even stated his passion to become a fireman and said “Terima kasih abang Bomba (thank you my Bomba brothers)” to the firefighters for giving him the experience.

Diagnosed with cancer at the age of six, Faisul’s sister, Farah Lyanna Yakub, 23, said Faisul who has a strong spirit was a bright student when he was young until he underwent chemotherapy which led to his difficulty to remember.

“He had always wanted to become a fireman. Even with his current condition, he still wants to help people. The doctor once asked him why did not want to become a doctor because doctors also help people. He then answered doctors only help in terms of treatments but firemen could help in all aspects, be it in accidents and others,” said Farah.

She said the idea of CWS ‘wish granting’ came after Faisul’s last chemotherapy session some three weeks ago where he was supposed to undergo a bone marrow transplant treatment but was cancelled as there were still cancer cells in his system.

Speaking of his condition, she said, “He is an active person. Even though he is ill, he acts normal and he does not want to be seen as sick. He has a very strong spirit.”

Meanwhile, CWS representative, Teoh Teik Hoong said the collaboration with the Fire Department had to be done at the hospital due to Faisul’s condition.

“CWS actually works with government hospitals. We have done this for 10 years. So this time, we work together with the Fire Department where we receive his wish from the hospital and we communicate with the doctors and nurses and we try to give what we could,” he said.

To date, CWS has granted the wishes of some 700 children all over the country including around 100 children in Sabah.

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