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Great start to Sabah Arm Wrestling League

13th September, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: More than 50 avid arm wrestlers took part in the Datuk Balbir Arjan Ramday Arm Wrestling Championship 2017 that got underway at Lundouz Karaoke Lounge and Bar located at Towering Koidupan in Penampang on Saturday.

The inaugural tournament jointly organised by Jolly’s Team and Lundouz Karaoke Lounge and Bar and supported by the Sabah Arm Wrestling Association, is also known as the Sabah Arm Wrestling League 2017.

The league features three categories for men namely 75kg and below, 75kg and above and amateur (free weight). The second showdown will be on September 16, followed by September 23 and 30 where at the end of the first four Saturdays, only the top eight arm wrestlers will make it into the final week of the league, which is on October 7.

The top four winners of both the 75kg and below and above categories will receive RM1,500, RM1,000, RM500 and RM300 respectively, while the amateur winner will pocket RM500, RM300, RM200 and RM100 for second, third and fourth place respectively.

All the top four in each category will also clinch trophies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Sabah Arm Wrestling Association (SAWA) President Carfester Mokujin lauded the organisers’ efforts in staging the event, pointing out that this is one way to promote the sport among the public.

“Arm wrestling can be categorised as an extreme sport, and we will do our best to popularise it. After all, this is a healthy activity, which we believe could help eradicate social ills, especially among the youth,” said Carfester.

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