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Safety measures up for GrabCar

12th August, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: Grab’s new safety features are earmarked for better overall safety for its drivers and customers. Its communications manager, Regina Robin believed that safety has always been their main priority for both drivers and customers.

Being the Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing and mobile payments platform, new initiatives have been introduced in enhancing overall passenger, driver and road safety.

Recently, a one-touch emergency button in the passenger application which connects directly to the national emergency response service (MERS 999) has been introduced whereby all out-going calls will be logged via the button to follow-up with passengers and the authorities.

With an emphasis on convenience, safety and reliability, it is their commitment to develop the emergency button into a smart, comprehensive and efficient for the customers.

Collaborating with Eagle-I as the Grab’s official Safety Camera Partner, they provide free Eagle-I CVR dash-cam to 3,500 top performing female and platinum drivers nationwide.

Its features include both audio and visual of up to 90 minutes of footage with a 120 degrees view in the vehicle, as well as a safety protective sticker in order to avoid tampering in which only the authorised Grab personnel can remove the memory card in case of any incident or disputation occurs.

Meanwhile, a local Grab driver known as Jun, 27 who supported the legalization suggested for the instalment of cameras for both drivers and customers safety and convenience.

Concerning about the issue, “Grab will know what we are doing, what we have done. So, nothing bad will happen,” Jun told New Sabah Times.

Becoming a reality, those who are qualified to receive free cameras will be contacted for details beginning in August while other drivers who wish to purchase the camera are able to do so via Eagle-I’s website and will be given a 70% discount for a limited time offer only.

Another safety feature is the Telematics Programme which combines machine learning and predictive analytics to identify unsafe driving habits, for instance speeding, swerving and hard braking or accelerating.

It is also intended to educate the drivers about ways in improving the driving experience as they will receive weekly summary of their driving performance to be referred and for further amelioration.

Primarily for solving the critical transportation challenges, Grab currently offers services in 55 cities throughout the Asian regions, including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.

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