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GrabCar goes Mandarin in Sabah

12th August, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: Southeast Asia’s leading ride hailing service, Grab Car has recognized Sabah as a hotbed for its service.

Being a tourist state, Sabah is given a notch up by being the first state to in have Grab Mandarin, to cash on the Chinese tourist mobility demand.

Grab communications manager, Regina Robin, said Grab recently introduced Grab Mandarin to accommodate passenger who only speak Chinese, especially tourists from China.

Speaking to the media at a meet and greet session here, yesterday, Regina said that the service is only available in Kota Kinabalu.

Grab’s decision to launch the special app was due to the increasing number of Chinese tourists making a beeline to Sabah.

“Our survey found out that some of the tourists can’t speak other languages other than Mandarin. However, most of the existing ride services operate either in Malay or English.

“This app is not only in Chinese but also the driver can communicate in Chinese, Mandarin to be specific.

“We select our driver based on their communication ability. If they are Malays or local but can speak Mandarin, we will accept their application to be Grab driver.”

Responding about the future plan for Grab Mandarin, she said that they will launch it in another state if there is a need.

In another development, in June 2017, Grab has up to 2.5 million rides daily, making it the largest ride-hailing platform and the most preferred app that drivers and passengers use in Southeast Asia.

Grab is in 55 cities across Southeast Asia, and the Grab app has been downloaded onto over 45 million devices, tripling the number from June last year.

Grab is building a consumer platform that focuses on the most important everyday services of transport and mobile payments.

GrabPay, its proprietary mobile payments solution, is even outpacing the exponential growth experienced by Grab’s transport business.

The GrabPay user base is projected to double every quarter until the end of 2017.

GrabPay Credits, which is a cashless top-up payments option, has grown more than 80 per cent month-on-month since its launch in December 2016, testament to consumer trust in Grab’s mobile payments platform.

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