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Sabah gymnasts win silver for Malaysia

MEMORABLE OUTING … both Malaysia's representatives in Norway, Sabah Gymnastics Association and Kinetic Dance Academy gymnasts as well as officials outside of the 3rd World Gym For Life (WGFL) Challenge's venue.

11th August, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: Around 23 junior state gymnasts made Sabah and Malaysia proud after winning the silver medal during the 3rd World Gym For Life (WGFL) Challenge in Norway which was held last month.

The junior gymnasts between the ages of 8 to 20, from different schools and districts in Sabah, who represented Malaysia under Sabah Gymnastics Association (PGNS) made their international debut during the once every four years tournament.

Among the team members that won the silver medals are Aldwayne Roikit Wellson, Alsandair Roikin Wellson, Elton Nychel Ronny, Avy Rosabel Misek, Nur Fatin Nabila Azhari, Judrin Claire O’Vrill Syarin, Judrin Eve O’Reall Syarin, Siti Balqis Abd Rahman, Ferdinand Chin Yin Fong, Felicia Chin Mei Ling, Karmila Brittany Lee, Brittany Carolina Yayun, Joshlyne Anne Ubu, Annastasya Kienna Japlin, Cathryn Mia Lojitan, Carissa Claire LRM Cherles, Eden Gabrielle Sigar, Faith Chin Mei San, Katyana Nefrnity Lee, Brenna Venita Simonddy, Lavender Miriam Lee, Eve Clarissa Cassandra LRM Cherles and Abel Tie Xian Hao.

Malaysia was also represented by another group from Kuala Lumpur, the Kinetic Dance Academy (KDA) where they were awarded the bronze medal for their “Guardians of the Sea” performance.

PGNS Head of Delegation, Florence Fung said that she is very proud with the result of the state junior gymnasts where they performed their theme “Kaleidoscope of Borneo”, combining gymnastics and dance while preserving the unique traditional elements of Sabah to perfection.

She expressed her appreciation for the support from PGNS, Sabah Sports Council and also the committed parents in this journey and hopes to get more teams from Malaysia to participate in the next Gymnastics For All (GFA) event. Meanwhile, PGNS head coach, Christopher Liew Vui Ngee was exalted that the sharing of Borneo elements in his choreography had opened the eyes of the world to Borneo.

“It was a great and meaningful experience to watch world class competition from the Malaysia team,” he added. He also shared that it was a challenge coaching a group of young girls and boys with different abilities and skills. He expressed hope that in the next WGFL, Sabah can present a more dramatic story about the land of Borneo and improve in terms of performance and awards.

Araki Tatsuo from Japan who is the President of GFA in Asian Gymnastics Union and Vice President of FIG GFA complimented Sabah for their original music and fresh choreography while adding that they should maintain the traditional elements as it stood out amongst the others and thus should be kept as their trademark.

In his closing speech, FIG President, Morinari Watanabe expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the county of Vestfold for providing such a beautiful setting for the memorable event that he believes none of the participants will ever forget.

He stressed that gymnastics is the basic of all sports and fundamental activity for humankind. He further added: “I have seen many musicals in New York and London, but the inspiration I got from the performances at the event is far greater than from the musicals. We are proud that gymnastics is for everybody, for all abilities.”

For the record, the tournament with the slogan “Rhythm of the Waves” in Norway saw more than 2,000 gymnasts of 77 teams from 22 countries around the world where His Majesty King Harald V of Norway graced the opening ceremony.

State gymnast, Aldwayne Roikit Wellson was honoured to be chosen as the Malaysian flag-bearer in welcoming the King where the tournament was his second international outing since the 5th World Gymnaestrada at Helsinki, Finland in 2015.

He agreed that the GFA international platform is the main attraction with its spectacular and breathtaking performances from both gymnastics and dance and the aerial and acrobatic acts, as well as funny, playful and entertaining acts from countries such as Japan and Germany, and these should be experienced by every gymnast.

“You have to be there to know what we felt, the awe and amazing gymnastics people you were able to meet and get to know them. It is simply beyond words,” he said.

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