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Positive outing for Academy players

9th August, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: The San Beda College from the Philippines had a fruitful visit to the state capital after taking home two gold, three silver and one bronze medal at the end of the KK Chin Academy training camp, recently.

It was also a positive showing by the hosts, KK Chin Tennis and Soft Tennis Academy players who also won two gold medals but came short as they managed to collect one silver and five bronze medals.

San Beda College’s gold medals were contributed by Virman Bejosano and Virvien Bejosano, whereas Elijah Frias, Siable Penados and Maan Mogolin delivered the silvers while Manny Co won the only bronze for the team.

Meanwhile, Jassel Doong and Lavander Chong racked up the gold medals for the host team, followed by Daron Mohd Shafiz Somiun winning the only silver medal, while the bronze medals were contributed by Kenisha Lee, Mary Nia, Ryan Chee, Eeric Tan and Leviance Chong.

A total of 22 soft tennis players took part in the one-day tournament where during the prize presentation ceremony, Sabah Soft Tennis Association President, Richard Shak was pleased to see that the Philippines team came back to Sabah for the second successive year.

“The local players should be thankful that they were able to experience playing against the top players from the Philippines where it could be advantageous to the local players as they continue to improve themselves,” he said.

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