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Enjoy Venice at Ferdinand’s

22nd July, 2017

KOTA KINABALU: Enjoying family dinner with delicious Italian cuisines, Venice’s Gastronomy on Saturday night at Ferdinand’s Restaurant will be a sweet memory for the years ahead.

Prepared by Chef Daniele Rossetto, it enables guest to explore the flavours and taste of Venice with an exquisite semi-buffet dinner of authentic Italian appetisers, soups and desserts with choices of the Chef’s signature main course.

As Chef Daniele believes that every guest deserve the best food, he uses pure Italian-made ingredients. Among dishes offered are Pate di Fegatini (Chicken Liver Pate), Gamberoni in Soar (Tiger Prawn with Onion Stew, Raisin and Pine Nuts, Homemade Pizza, choices of homemade Ferdinand’s Style Pasta and Tiramisu. Chef Daniele likens culinary art to reading love poetry.

He said that his passion for Italian cuisine derives from the simplicity and creative flair, inspired by two most influential people in his life; his grandfather and his mother.

“It is no surprise, that two of my favourite dishes would be my grandfather’s fish soup and risotto prepared by my mother,” he said.

In 1990, Chef Daniele completed his culinary training at Institutor Professional Alberghiero di Stato, a Professional Institute of Catering in Castelfranco.

He then spent the next 20 years perfecting his trade in various parts of Italy, developing and creating innovative culinary creations that will not only entices the palate, but at the same time stimulates the senses.

Chef Daniele joined Sutera Harbour Resort in 2013, bringing with him his amazing talent and his charming persona to Ferdinand’s at The Magellan Sutera Restaurant.

Thus, diners can look forward for an unforgettable dining experience with Venice’s Gastronomy every Saturday night at RM128 nett per person.

For more information and reservation, please contact (6088) 318 888 / 312222 ext 3671 or log on to http://www.suteraharbour.com/

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