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Underprivileged children delighted with Raya shopping treat

Underprivileged children in Kg Likas are all smiles with their shopping treat given by the Bandaraya Likas Mosque Committee.

19th June, 2017


KOTA KINABALU: A group of underprivileged children from Kampung Likas was given a shopping treat to buy new clothes for Hari Raya by the Bandaraya Likas Mosque Committee recently.

There were 122 orphans, asnaf (impoverished) and students of Islamic schools at the Emadira Exclusive Textiles Mall eager to spend their RM120 shopping money.

Under the mosque’s Shopping Raya Programme with Orphans, each of them also received pocket money for the upcoming celebrations.

Chairman of the mosque committee, Datuk Abdul Jamal Tun Sakaran said it was an annual event held to help the underprivileged in Kg Likas.

“We care for our community and we help in many ways especially during the holy month of Ramadan,” he said.

The mosque has won accolades in the past, including first place as an innovative mosque at a national competition in 2011 and was awarded as a Hadari mosque in 2009 and as Sabah’s smart mosque in 2003.

Bandaraya Likas Mosque is an independent mosque and has four schools under its jurisdiction which are a kindergarden, an Islamic primary school, a Madrasah Agama Tahfiz school and Al-Quranis academy that provides education and training for special children and people with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Salleh Abraham Saidi, 12, is pleased to have been a part of the Shopping Raya Programme. “I came with my brother, Abdul Wafi Abraham Saidi who is five years old. We got two grey jubah and songkok that we can wear this coming Raya,” he said.

Also present was a supporter of the programme, Awang Abdul Hamid Ismail.

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