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The Desa cattle farm

16th June, 2017

David de la Harpe

The state of Sabah is blessed with many wondrous attractions and generally easily reached on rather good paved roads.

Mesilau situated on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu is no exception.

Mesilau is a small village situated on a ridge on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu and is about 100kilometers from Kota Kinabalu. Mesilau, named after the Mesilau River, is an area situated at approximately 2000 m above sea level on the East Ridge of Mount Kinabalu in the Kinabalu National Park. To get to it, one first goes to the farming town of Kundasang between Kinabalu Park and the town of Ranau.

Drive straight through the town of Kundasang and head for the mountain. Places of interest here are the Desa Dairy farm , an 18 hole golf course (which is the highest golf course in Sabah) the Mesilau Nature resort which is sadly now closed due to logistical issues after the last Earth quake and various home stays and small resorts. It has a delightful climate which is cool and windy being at such a high elevation and next to Mount Kinabalu.

Currently on of the most visited attractions at Mesilau has to be the Dairy farm. Many local and foreign visitors make a point of visiting the farm for it cool weather and scenic views. Fields of green grass with black and white Frisians grazing cows amidst rolling valleys and hills with a backdrop of majestic Mount Kinabalu if the weather permits, otherwise it will be pillowly clouds, remind many people of similar scenic views in New Zealand . it has also became the haunt of many local newlyweds for photo shoots .

The farm has undergone tremendous renovations since its inception for the betterment of the cows and visitors. There is a glassed viewing gallery for visitors to observe the daily milking of the cows. A couple of pens to which visitors are allowed to get up close to some calfs and goats.

You may also feed them with grass or milk for a small fee. It is a great bonding opportunity for families with young children. The farm also produces its own Gelato which is delicious and creamy, fresh flavoured milk together with about 4 varieties of cheese. All these items, together with a gift shop selling memorabilia of the Cows are available for visitors to purchase.

Definitely an interesting option to do on a day out of the city.

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