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The Cruise Café Lounge

16th June, 2017

Story by RM

Previously known as Tanjung Park, The Cruise Café Lounge has been around since the 1980s. Although there has been some changes throughout the years, the restaurant still focuses on serving authentic Chinese, local and western cuisine.

The design of the café does resemble a hotel lounge with its heavy drapes, thick cushioned chairs and bold patterns.    With its easy-to-relax vibe, it’s no wonder why this place is popular with corporate clients having a business meeting over lunch or dinner.

Another plus point is definitely the free ample parking space that is provided for guests. Currently, the kitchen is lead by Chef Lai, a local chef who specialises in Chinese cuisine. He started working in the food industry almost 30 years ago.

He brings his years of experience and knowledge into the kitchen, and likes to experiment with local flavours. His signature must-try dish at this café is The Cruise Asam Fish.

Promotional items are rotated every three months, but mainstays that are popular with the crowd include the Herbal Chicken Soup, Asam Pedas Oxtail, Deep Fried Lamb with Belacan Sauce, Fried Beancurd with Chinese Radish and Yong Chap.

If you’re feeling like trying something seasonal, the promotion items this month includes the Yam Salad, Cruise Nasi Lemak Special, Mongolian Beef or Asam Fish Filler.

The set meal promotion comes with coffee or tea and a plate of fruits.

According to manager Nicole Chin, the response has been very positive from their customers.

A lot of the regulars are those who live or work in the Tanjung Aru area. However, they do get people travelling from all over just to taste Chef Lai’s cooking.

She said, “We plan to continue providing good food to our customers. Our aim is to highlight the fresh and quality ingredients that we get locally and from around the globe. Normally, our menu planning is based on our customers’ preferences.

We keep the dishes that are top selling and replace the others with new and innovative ideas.

We value our customers’ opinions and feedbacks by making them our priority, we hope to get more repeat customers to the café.”

The Cruise Café Lounge is located at TL1019, Jalan Mat Salleh, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu. Operating hours are from 8:00am to 12:00am daily. The café can accommodate up to 80 pax and can cater to closed functions for a maximum of 50 guests.

For more information, call +60 88 235 446 / 246 172, fax to +088 236 445, email thecruise03@yahoo.com or visit www.facebook.com/thecruisekyc.

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