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SIDMA College capable of producing quality graduates

10th June, 2017

SIDMA College began its operations as a private higher education institution in 2002 with only 34 students. Now, SIDMA College is a proud institution by having over 2000 students and its very own campus. The establishment of this institution has opened another higher education pathway for SPM leavers in Sabah to experience the same quality of education as in the peninsula but at affordable costs which will benefit lower income SPM leavers.

SIDMA College offers a tertiary education by adapting 21st century education syllabus with a core focus on students. Our college uses the holistic way of learning, where students can explore various knowledge and skills to prep them to face the world after graduation.

With its 15 years of experience in education, SIDMA College comes with a faculty of lecturers who are experts in their field. This will become an advantage for students as it increases their market value thus providing them with more opportunities to be hired in the future.

Besides that, the courses offered from bachelor degree up to masters are accredited under the Ministry of Higher Education. Therefore, students who continue their studies in SIDMA College can further their education to the highest levels in local or international institutions. Our graduates also have higher employment chances, as many of them managed to secure jobs in various fields including education, management and business administration.

Other than focusing on theories and hands-on experiences, students of SIDMA College are also instilled with human development aspects. Aspects such as physicality, attitude, way of thinking, feelings, social and spirituality have produced students with great intellect, and are civilised and competitive. One of SIDMA’s brightest students, Kerinah Mah, has been crowned this year’s Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Sabah. She is currently in her sixth semester of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood (hons). She stated that she was happy and fortunate to continue her bachelor degree in SIDMA College because she has gained much confidence and self development through its learning methods.

SIDMA College is now open for June 2017 registrations. For more information, please call 088-732 000/020 or visit our website www.sidma.edu.my or Facebook SIDMA College SABAH.

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