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Creative media programme: Transforming interests into job-relatable skills

10th June, 2017

TODAY, PARENTS FACE A TOUGH CHALLENGE in raising their children, having to cope with various issues concerning their development, management and future decisions due to the ever-changing current times. With the introduction of electronical communication, video gaming and the means of Internet access, many parents find themselves socially segregated from their children, resulting in a significant cultural divide between two generations. Instead, parents should have an open-minded approach to this situation, assisting them on the development of their hobbies or lifestyle so that they can transition into a suitable career pathway which would benefit them in both interest and working feasibility.

RENG College’s Creative Media Programme encompasses four interdependent courses: Multimedia Design, Game Design, 3D Animation and Web Design- this programme runs for a year and students as early as 16 are eligible to enrol. These technical classes are conducted on all weekdays, where 20 per cent is allocated to theoretical education, whereas the other 80 per cent is focused on practical learning on the subject matter, and these courses are taught by industry experts and professionals using a wholehearted, passionate and holistic-based education schematic.

The college mainly focuses on real world practical skill education & development, and once students successfully completed this programme they are guaranteed a place in the relevant in-demand industries which consists of mobile software development & management, website designers & management, online business entrepreneurship, social media entrepreneurship and so on. With the combined learning of advanced English through the CEP (Certificate in English Programme), students are able to master English cohesion through listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, students may participate in an IELTS-certified test if they wish to continue their studies overseas.

Asides from that, RENG College also provides Architecture and Interior Design studies, Business Administration courses and Cambridge A-Level programme for aspiring students. The college also provides lodging and student support services for local and international students. Inrolment begins on 11th September and those interested in studying or learning about the programme may contact Mei at +6012-382 8668, or via email at enquiry@rengcollege.edu.my. For more information, please visit www.rengcollege.edu.my to find out more.

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