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The Le Meridien Buka Puasa buffet

3rd June, 2017

KOTA KINABALU: It has been a week since the holy month of Ramadan started, and a sumptuous spread of Kampung-style cooking at the Latest Recipe, Le Meridien awaits diners and for those breaking fast after a long day.

There are over 300 dishes and condiments to choose from, all specially prepared for diners during the Ramadhan period between May 27 to June 26.

Among its attractions is the native Sabah Specialty Ambuyat, with several new interesting additions such as the Ayam Penyet Bambangan.

Besides the mouth-watering native delicacies, the restaurant prepared traditional sambals, which are a selection of hot and spicy sauces made using traditional tools and local produces such as chili, garlic, shallot, tomato and fruits. And this year, it also featured the Healthy Corner and Coconut Station.

The Healthy Corner offers stir fried and steamed foods, including fish, chicken seafood, and sweet potatoes.

The Coconut Station, which was another big hit during the opening, offers not only coconut based drinks, namely plain and vanilla-infused fresh coconut milk, but also hot dishes such as coconut prawn as well as coconut inspired dessert ice-cream and pudding.

Le Meridien Buka Puasa buffet is one of the city’s best-loved and most renowned dining events. At its busiest last year, the buffet catered to sungkai crowds of more than 400 diners.

So, making a reservation is advisable as getting a seat could be difficult for walk-in customers.

Apart from the new dishes, diners can feast on extravagant selection of Middle Eastern, Japanese, North Indian, Indonesian, Hong Kong, Singapore and Western cuisines, complemented by Malay, Chinese, Nyonya, native Sabah specialities, whole roast lamb, seafood barbecue, lok-lok, and satay.

An organic corner offering all-organic food is also available.

There is also a fabulous spread of desserts from cakes, jellies, puddings, ais kacang, white and milk chocolate fountains, fresh fruits, ice creams and sweet condiments, various Malay kueh, a variety of dates, as well as local and western cookies.

Not to be missed are the buffet salad and beverage spreads with a vast array of local and international salads and appetisers, cold cuts, pickled condiments, as well as fruit juices, air sirap, air bandung, teh tarik, kopi tarik, and a variety of soft drinks.

Le Meridien assistant marketing communications manager Charlene Tan said the fasting month was a wonderful example of how Malaysians came together at every occasion, respectful of each others’ religious beliefs and practices.

She emphasised that at the Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, they are pleased to showcase this harmony and heritage through the sheer variety of dishes and cuisines at Latest Recipe and to share that with our diners and guests from other countries.

The hotel attracted some 9,000 diners in 2015 and are expecting more this year.

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