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TARUC provides real-world exposure in public relations

20th May, 2017

KOTA KINABALU: Public relations or PR as it is widely known is always considered as one of the most important functions in an organisation as the rise or fall of an organisation largely depends on its reputation among its key stakeholders.

It’s no wonder that Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget, I would spend it on PR.”

Nevertheless, in this time and age where technology advancement is escalating rapidly causing an influx of information, the function of PR has also become more complex with varied information all competing for the attention of the masses.

Against this backdrop, acquiring the required skillsets to excel in the line of PR requires more than just memorising theories from textbooks.

Excellence in PR includes high level of creativity, communication skills, time management and people skills and one of the effective ways to inculcate all these skills is by providing real-world exposure where one has the opportunity to learn and practise all these skills.

With a track record of 48 years of academic excellence, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) is a highly-acclaimed institution of higher learning, providing not only top-notch education for its students but exposing them to relevant industry platforms to enable the students to learn the required skills.

In particularly for PR, TARUC has developed solid collaborations with strategic industry leaders to provide students with the relevant exposure to succeed in the industry.

Students of the Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) of TARUC have been working closely with major industry leaders such as Media Prima in handling industry projects and assignments which are related to PR to provide students with valuable real-world experience.

The latest project with Media Prima called the ORIKAMI TARUC was undertaken by 183 final year Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) students which took place from January 6-8, 2017 at TARUC Kuala Lumpur Main Campus.

ORIKAMI, which stands for ‘Original Kami’, is an initiative of the creative industry where this movement is to recognise, support and uplift many local talents, their quality original works and brands, be it creative contents, arts and crafts, musical compositions, film productions, merchandises and many more.

Having said this, ORIKAMI TARUC is collaboration between TAR UC via its Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities and Media Prima in an effort to raise awareness on the ORIKAMI movement.

ORIKAMI TARUC is the first event of its kind at the institutional level to promote the ORIKAMI movement through a three-day bazaar where there were many fun-filled activities such as exhibitions, mini theatre, games truck, food trucks, performances and fashion show.

Bryan Nathen, the organising chairman for the organising team of students shared: “ORIKAMI TARUC was actually our coursework assignment. Initially, we did not know much about the ORIKAMI movement but after our briefing with Media Prima, we found that the idea behind this movement is important to ensure more budding talents continue to strive in creating original contents which are of high quality. On top of that, before ORIKAMI TARUC, there was not much publicity on the ORIKAMI movement except on social media. With all these factors in place, we as a team decided that organising this event would be the perfect assignment as we would be able to apply what we have learnt in our PR Campaign Planning and Management course and more importantly, we would be able to get valuable experience which will prove useful in our careers.”

Looking back, Bryan conceded that ORIKAMI TARUC gave him an important lesson on how PR is an effective tool that can be used to canvass support in bringing awareness for pertinent issues and promoting a cause.

“Besides developing important skills such as communication, interpersonal and event management, I am very appreciative that I was exposed to PR functions such as crafting the press release, managing various groups of people such as the media, public and the sponsors, working under a tight deadline and using various promotional tools to create awareness about ORIKAMI TAR UC. What we experienced was, in fact, the whole essence of PR – communicating an idea to a target audience – which in this case is promoting local Malaysian productions. Having said this, I am grateful to TAR UC for providing this excellent platform for me to learn and to my lecturers who were a constant help to me and the rest of the team during the planning and preparation of this event,” he remarked.

Kenn Yeap from the Consumer Communications Group of Media Prima TV Networks had very high regards for TAR UC students for this event.

“Having a good relationship with TAR UC, we were very confident of the students’ capabilities in making this event a huge success. We were very impressed with the many creative activities that the students came up with for the event as well as the promotional plans they developed for ORIKAMI TAR UC. Not forgetting that the students have deft skills in working as a team. I personally received very positive feedbacks from celebrities and key industry leaders of the students’ efforts in promoting local talent. In a nutshell, ORIKAMI TAR UC was a resounding success and the students are ready to join the corporate world,” he opined.

Explore more about Public Relations or other programmes offered by TARUC’s Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities at its Kuala Lumpur Main Campus and branch campuses in Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang and Sabah (088-718 481, 718 482).

For more information, please visit our website at www.tarc.edu.my. Attractive scholarships are also available at TARUC for qualified students on the basis of academic merit. – PR

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