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Engineers are leaders at TARUC

18th May, 2017

KOTA KINABALU: Theodore Von Karman, a Hungarian-born American research engineer, mathematician and physicist who was widely known for his works in the areas of aeronautics and astronautics once quoted, ‘Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never has been’, which means that while science is focused on discovering the world that surrounds us, engineering on the other hand is all about invention and creativity as well as about developing products and systems that have never existed before.

Engineers have continuously shaped the way we live our lives where today’s convenient and modern lifestyle was a vision first thought of by engineers.

Today, the demand for engineers grows greater as technology advances and it is imperative for a nation to ensure that there is a consistent supply of engineers who are creative, knowledgeable, innovative and competitive.

A nation that produces credible engineers will certainly stay ahead as a progressive nation moving towards sustained growth and progress in the future.

As one of Malaysia’s premier institutions of higher learning, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) has certainly taken up the call to consistently produce well-rounded engineers who have proven to bring progress in the areas of their expertise.

The delivery of its professionally driven, industry-relevant and entrepreneurship-focused academic programmes have ensured the institution produces a steady stream of technically competent engineers and many of them today are experts in their own industries.

Among these experts who are doing well is Kang Kim Ang who is the managing director-cum-corrosion consultant of CORRTROL Corrosion Specialist Sdn Bhd, his very own corrosion protection servicing company.

In addition to managing his own company, Kang has been involved in training programmes for the Institute of Materials Malaysia since 1996 and in 2014, he was selected as the International Instructor for the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International, USA) where he has conducted trainings in a number of countries such as the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, USA, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Kang who studied Materials Engineering in TARUC shared his appreciation of the excellent education he obtained from TARUC.

“TARUC gave me the opportunity to unleash my potentials in Materials Engineering. And my decision to study in TARUC has brought many benefits to me as not only the syllabus is related to the demands of the industry but the learning environment in TARUC is also focused on developing strong entrepreneurship qualities in its students,” he shared.

As an industry practitioner who has been in the materials engineering field for more than a decade, Kang conceded that TARUC’s qualification is well recognised locally and internationally.

“While pursuing my Master of Science in Corrosion Science and Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (now known as the University of Manchester after a merger with Victoria University of Manchester in 2004), I got to know that qualifications from a number of other polytechnics in the region were not recognised in the UK as compared to TARUC. In addition to this, TARUC’s syllabus has prepared me well to advance my education in the UK,” he added.

TARUC’s excellence in the delivery of quality education especially in the area of engineering has also brought another outstanding alumnus, Dr David Chieng Heng Tze to greater heights where Dr David is the senior staff researcher / head of location-based technology research in Wireless Innovation Lab at MIMOS Berhad.

Having pursued his studies in Engineering (Electronics) at TARUC, Dr David shared: “I believe TARUC has always been a brand which is synonymous with quality education with a high reputation and excellent study environment. The academic syllabus addresses the current demands of the industry and is delivered by knowledgeable and experienced teaching force.”

Furthermore, according to Dr David, he has had developed important skills and gained valuable experience during his time as a TARUC student.

“I have to say that my study experience in TARUC has to be one of the most pivotal phases in my life as TARUC was the place where I built my foundation in Electronic Engineering. Besides this, the institution also instilled in me the spirit of team work, ability to deal with complex subjects and the ability to work under pressure, which are skills that are of great help in my career today,” he opined.

TARUC offers a wide range of engineering and built environment programmes at diploma and bachelor levels including architecture, quantity surveying, construction management and economics, building, estate management, property management, mechanical engineering, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, electrical and electronics, electronic (communication), electronic engineering, mechatronics engineering, materials engineering, and materials and manufacturing engineering.

Explore more about programmes offered by TARUC’s Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment at its Kuala Lumpur main campus and branch campuses in Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang and Sabah [(088) 718 481 or 718 482].

For more information, please visit our website at www.tarc.edu.my. Attractive scholarships are also available at TARUC for qualified students on the basis of academic merit. – PR

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