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Effardy’s Food Truck


28th April, 2017

Story by RMM

Effardy Ghani has been in the culinary industry for 12 years. This Kota Kinabalu native has spent most of his time in F&B while working in New Zealand alongside some of the most talented celebrity chefs such as Al Brown, Paul Jobin and Roberto Manuel.

In 2012, Effardy decided to pack his bags and return to his hometown to start his own business. With so much knowledge in hand, his culinary journey here ended up with opening a food truck in March this year.

He said, “The idea of starting this truck has been lingering in my head since early 2016. I’ve worked in so many cafes and hotels since I started my career. And I wanted to break free. I wanted to take my culinary knowledge to the streets.”

“My team and I try to make things fun and not complicate it too much. We cook the food that we love to eat and share it with others. That’s the whole idea. We want it to be approachable, fun and tasty!” he added.

On the inside, Effardy’s Food Truck is pretty basic with all the essentials that the chef needs to cook up a storm. The exterior however is meant to stand out. If the canary yellow isn’t bold enough to catch your attention, the pin up style comics will plastered everywhere will definitely make you look twice.

Effardy does lunch deliveries from 11:00am to 2:00pm and come dinner time, you can find it parked at various locations across the city, which will be announced daily on their social media accounts. Effardy says that they go where the people are and most of the time that’s in different neighborhoods.

It is from the streets that the team gets their inspiration. According to Effardy, inspiration can be found eveywhere – from conversations with people to the experience of enjoying other types of street food. But their version is a step up from regular street food culture that is known in the city.

The best selling item on the menu is Say Cheese (The Revival). This burger was a creation that Effardy introduced to the masses back in 2012 at a restaurant he opened called Aubergine Bistro. Since it was such a hit, he decided to bring it back. Another must-try dish is the Pina Colada Sandwich, which is inspired by the cocktail.

Since the food truck started operation, Effardy has received positive response from the public. Sometimes business is so good that it’s hard for the team to keep up. He admits that there were a few hiccups when they first started, but they have rectified the problems and are ready to serve the urbanites.

As for the rest of 2017, Effardy has something up his sleeve, but he’s keeping mum in the mean time and is currently focused on doing what he loves and improving service for the benefits of his customers. He does believe however that the food truck trend will make it easier for more businesses to operate considering the low cost as compared to opening a physical outlet. But Effardy isn’t concerned about more competition.

He said, “Everyone is unique in their own respective styles. We’re all changing and upgrading our game. We don’t plan to compete with anyone, we just want to play our game right.”

“I believe that Sabah is definitely moving towards becoming a well-known culinary destination. Our palate is no longer hiding in a nutshell. We are more adventurous in tasting new things and we are more educated. All we need now is more culinary platforms like events that include food trucks, Food Fiestas and maybe even TV appearances,” he concluded.

For more information about Effardy’s Food Truck, call +60 14 951 5647, email effardy@live.com or check out @effardysfoodtruck on Instagram and Facebook.

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