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Excellent results by SMK Balung despite copter crash


20th December, 2016


TAWAU: The Royal Air Force helicopter crash in SMK Balung proved to be no obstacle for students of the school from achieving excellent results in the Form 3 Assessment (PT3) examinations.

Five students scored 10As which is more than last year’s sole straight-A scorer. The school recorded a performance of 31.68 per cent for PT3 this year.

Senior Administrative Assistant for SMK Balung, Zanaliza Jamaludin said even though the incident occurred two weeks before the examinations and the results this time were even better.

“We were worried at first because the PT3 students could not attend revision classes because the school was ordered closed due to safety reasons as a result of the crash.

“They did their revision at home and a week later, sat for their examinations,” she said when met at the school yesterday.

Siti Norsyafika Abdullah, whose parents work as a labourer and dressmaker, was one of the five who scored 10As. She said the helicopter crash did not interfere with her preparations for the PT3 exams at all.

“I was not terrified because I wasn’t directly involved but there was some worry another crash might happen while the examinations were taking place. Thank goodness all went well,” she said.

The eldest of three children, she was expecting to get only 7As so the results yesterday came as a pleasant surprise.

Nezwan Helmy Hamzah was the only male student who obtained 10As.

He admitted that to this day, he still gets frightened upon hearing the whirr of helicopter blades overhead. “I actually saw the helicopter overhead and then crashing into the roof of the school. So that was quite a traumatic experience for me,” he said.

The other three students who scored 10As are Aulia Natasya Adi Hidayah Suardi, Iffah Hamzah and Norsyafiqah Shaira Mualidy.

A Nuri helicopter crashed in SMK Balung last 4 October destroying parts of the school building and causing injury to 13 Royal Air Force men, eight students and one general worker.

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