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PROSPERITY TOSS |  Hobi 2,000 monongkibai minumpazat ponongkusan UNITAR-SIDMA |  Monunuat KDM minonohuod laptop, buuk basaon kuminaa doid di Rozelin |  SEBOC kisonso doid dolivol bas ekspres i monoguhu do momomoguno talun alun kasabap kohigaganan |  BUUAN NGAAVI MOSITI TUMIHOMBUS PAKALAJA DO TAVAVAKAS: MUSA |  Tingkah laku umat Islam mestilah cerminkan akhlak Islam yang sebenar |  SEBOC kesal pemandu bas ekspres potong pengguna jalan raya, menyebabkan kemalangan |  Pelihara hubungan perpaduan: Charles |  Persatuan KDM sumbang komputer riba, buku kepada penulisnya |  Umat Islam perlu hayati amalan beragama yang sebenar: Yahya |  Barisan kepimpinan negeri perlu terus kerja kuat: Musa |  ENAM DISYAKI PENYALUR MAKLUMAT JENAYAH DITAHAN |  More than 2,000 participants show for UNITAR-SIDMA charity run |  LDP Youth’s KSBC confirms ‘Anak Sabah Run’ for Mar 6 |  Recruitment of 1.5 mil Bangladeshi workers “unfathomable to the point of ridiculous” – SAPP Dep President | 
More than 2,000 participants show for UNITAR-SIDMA charity run
More than 2,000 people including foreign visitors took part in the Universiti Tun Abdul Razak - Kolej Sidma Sabah (UNITAR-SIDMA) charity run at Likas Sports Complex here yesterday.
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LDP Youth’s KSBC confirms ‘Anak Sabah Run’ for Mar 6
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Youth will hold the ‘Anak Sabah Run’, a seven-kilometre run via its sports and recreational arm, Kelab Sukan Borneo Cemerlang (KSBC) on March 6.
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Recruitment of 1.5 mil Bangladeshi workers “unfathomable to the point of ridiculous” – SAPP Dep President
The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) reiterated its stand insisting that none of the 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers be allowed into Sabah and that the illegal immigrant problems plaguing the State be resolved urgently.
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LDP Youth urges for more compassion when imposing taxes and fees
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Youth movement is hoping the government be more sensitive and less aggressive when imposing or raising taxes, levies, charges or fees on the people and to treat such sources of revenue as last resorts.
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MCA celebrates Chinese New Year with the people
MCA Penampang division has embarked on a series of Chinese New Year programmes to celebrate the festive season together with the people.
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Manhattan Suites at ITCC, world-class facilities in the heart of Penampang
The launch of Manhattan Suites at ITCC will bring world-class facilities right to the heart of the district and greater Kota Kinabalu.
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Developers playing their role for the good of Kota Kinabalu
The Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) and the Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society have formed a smart partnership to enhance Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre in Likas.
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Thumbs-up to proposed amendments – LDP
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has heaved a sigh of relief with the announcement of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri that the government plans to amend three acts concerning child custody and property rights in case there is a ch
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KB to get RM19m bazaar complex
The construction of the RM19 million People’s Bazaar Complex is poised to be the next landmark in the heart of town which would provide a better environment for traders to do business, following its expected completion in December 2018.
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140216_front_operation MASSIVE OP IN TELIPOK
In an unprecedented security operation, police and armed forces armed to their teeth made a swoop at the notorious Telipok resettlement area roping in close to 5,000 people.
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SAPP’s Datuk Yong Teck Lee voices dissatisfaction over Petronas project cancellation
“Sabah’s ministers must speak up on this matter and not leave it for Sabahans to find out from Petronas Gas’s filing of reports to Bursa Malaysia. After all, the regasification project is a joint venture with Sabah Energy Corporation, a 100% Sabah g
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“Culture of China, Festival of Spring” acrobats perform tonight at 7pm, Likas Indoor Stadium, members of public welcome
Brought in by the China Overseas Exchange Association, Chinese Embassy as well as China’s consulate-general at Kota Kinabalu, the event is put together by Ma Zhong Friendship Association Sabah.
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Case of clinic refusing to assist hit and run victim considered ‘resolved’
Latama Gimbarang, aged 80 succumbed to her injuries on Feb 7 at 12:10 am on the way to Queen Elizabeth Hospital II Emergency Ward.
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Labuan eateries given until Feb 29 to comply with food hygiene regulation
failing which a RM1,000 compound will be issued for each of their workers.
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Sabah Wildlife Dept denies supporting wildlife-themed runs
these runs are not charity runs and in no way have any funds been channelled to the Sabah Wildlife Department for conservation purposes from some of the recent wildlife runs, namely the elephant, rhino and the up-and-coming sun bear run"
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