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PBS minonoodo luputan pulis kogompit totondos huminabus BN |  Poinsanganu himo pindulu poimpasi, duvo PATI tinaan do ESScom |  Dua warga asing ditahan bawa lima peluru hidup |  RM30 ribu peruntukan pengelolaan program Rela |  Umno bahagian Semporna tidak gentar hadapi persaingan, kata Nasir |  Rozman dicalon semula pertahan kerusi Labuan |  Pelbagai aktiviti kebudayaan Murut pada Pesta Kalimaran akan datang |  Malaysia-Singapore ‘Shinkansen’ possibility excites world rail body |  Hat-trick by Universiti Malaysia Sabah |  Count Back win for Ana-Thomas |  Great escape by U-19 squad |  Foreign duo detained for possessing live ammunition |  Perodua Alza burnt after rear-end collision |  Hemophilia: Be discerning with Internet medical advice |  Masidi: Military tourism next for KK | 
2204_esscom-2 Foreign duo detained for possessing live ammunition
Initial investigation revealed that the duo were working as security guards at a logging operation and they had admitted to owning a home-made shotgun which they used for hunting wild game.
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2204_alza Perodua Alza burnt after rear-end collision
A Perodua Alza was reduced to scrap metal after a rear-end collision caused it to burst into flames at a U-turn near Cyber City, near the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, here, early yesterday.
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2204_hemophilia_1 Hemophilia: Be discerning with Internet medical advice
Speaking at the World Hemophilia Day here yesterday, she underlined the need in getting the right medical diagnosis through the proper channels for accurate and correct information.
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3 Masidi: Military tourism next for KK
“This year alone, five foreign naval fleets visited the base including from Australia, Japan, South Korea and USA, carrying some 3,000 personnel who shopped and dined in the city.
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2 PBS leaving BN rumour: Police report lodged
Datuk Johnny Mositun lodged a police report after he was accused of announcing the party has left Barisan Nasional (BN).
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230418_front_a_new_ KDMR Presidents Council strengthens BN
The first presidential council meeting held on April 17 saw all three component parties accepting the terms of reference to the objectives with hopes to further strengthen the BN as it gears for the 14th General Election.
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146kg debris picked from waters in ‘Save our Coral’ programme
“We picked Pulau Sibuan because it is one of the tourists’ favourite islands, and we don’t want the debris to upset coral health and cause safety issues for visitors.”
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One-term Rozman to defend Labuan seat
Labuan UMNO division chief Datuk Rozman Isli has been renamed to defend the Labuan parliamentary seat under the Barisan Nasional (BN) ticket in the 14th general election (GE14) on May 9.
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Musa: BN’s good record decides
repeating the victory in GE13, winning 22 of the 25 parliamentary seats and 48 of the 60 state seats it contested.
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Kg Takulung gets gravity water system from Hopes Malaysia
Hopes Malaysia has successfully restored water supply in Kg Takulung, in Kota Belud, by building a new and sustainable gravity water system for the village.
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Anifah pledges to defend state rights
Citing ‘Sabah first, save Sabah’ as his war cry, Anifah who is also caretaker Foreign Minister said that there is no point to be an MP or State Assembly member from Sabah if they would not lift a finger to fight for the state and expecting other leade
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Yong’s case on 13 new assembly seats to be heard Monday
The State Assembly had passed an amendment to the State Constitution to allow the seat addition. Procedurally the Election Commission was supposed to file a report and the Prime Minister will present to Parliament where a simple majority would be required
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66-year-old man slightly injured after collision with lorry
A 66-year-old man cheated death in a collision between his Kancil and a lorry in Jalan Beringgis at about 2.30pm yesterday.
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Operator unconscious after crane touches high voltage cable
Wendy Alexander Adun, 30, was electrocuted while attempting to upright a 3-tonne lorry that had fallen on its side along Jalan Ranau Bypass.
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Rickshaws make debut at Likas Park
“We are opened by 5pm until 11pm daily and welcome the public to enjoy the ride,” he said, adding that those who wish to try the beca are urged to come early and buy their ticket at the counter, next to the Anjung Perdana Food Court.
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