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Songuhun kusai osuvon pulis manakau kabel Telekom |  22 SIKUL ID KOTA MARUDU, PITAS TINUTUB TU MODIZUD |  Sangkar buaya tidak terpakai antara lapan tukun tiruan dilabuhkan |  Dua lelaki tempatan dipercayai pecah rumah dan curi ditahan |  Polis Labuan buru suspek curi kabel Telekom |  MOSAR bantu selamatkan pendaki Gunung Kinabalu alami kecederaan |  Empangan Kaiduan: K'jaan negeri belum buat keputusan muktamad |  Banjir: 22 sekolah di Kota Marudu dan Pitas ditutup |  KKM pastikan rakyat dapat perkhidmatan perubatan terbaik di hosiptal: Dr Hilmi |  Juil: No room for shirkers! |  Former headmaster turned author releases second book |  30 illegal houses torn down at Jalan Pinggir |  Kaiduan Dam: Govt yet to finalise construction work |  SAR still searching for missing Filipino ‘kumpit’ skipper |  1.87 MILLION HECTARES OF TPAs IN SABAH – SAM | 
Book Former headmaster turned author releases second book
The author personally handed over the book which he launched in late December last year to the State Library director Wong Vui Yin during a simple ceremony.
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Pg8_s2 30 illegal houses torn down at Jalan Pinggir
According to Mohd Romzi, the squatters consist of locals from Kudat who sought work in the city with no place stay and had been living illegally in the area for over twenty years.
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Pairin-empangan Kaiduan Dam: Govt yet to finalise construction work
“I am aware of and concerned that any planned development will affect a certain number of people. Therefore research is necessary such as the Social Impact Assessment (SIA). This study is important to enable the affected villagers to express their opini
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Img_1436 SAR still searching for missing Filipino ‘kumpit’ skipper
According to him, the kumpit was carrying a cargo of 6,000 packets of rice and 2,500 packets of sugar to the Philippines.
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190117_front_forest 1.87 MILLION HECTARES OF TPAs IN SABAH – SAM
Disclosing this yesterday, chief conservator of forest, Datuk Sam Mannan said 95,538.53 hectares were added to the network of TPAs at the State Assembly sitting on November 24 in 2016.
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MTUC Sabah appeals to govt to assist SFI employees
Its secretary, Catherine Jikunan said the SFI Employees Union (STIEU) has claimed that the company had not been operating for the past six months and this has caused a lot of stress for the 1,600 workers.
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Six men jailed, five others fined for drugs possession
The Magistrate’s Court has imprisoned six men and fined another five for drugs possession. Robby Burhan Boro admitted to possessing syabu on November 2, 2016 at 10.00pm at Sepanggar.
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Local man charged with trafficking in syabu
However, no plea was taken from Muhd Zubir Hj Sabtal who appeared before Magistrate Jessica Ombou Kakayun. Muhd Zubir is accused of trafficking in the drugs on Jan 4, at 2.45am at Room 502 of Tang Dynasty Hotel in Sepanggar.
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Woman suffers wounds in a snatch theft
She fought back by kicking him but he wounded her on the face with a sharp object before running away.
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Stern action against illegal sand miner
The Land & Survey Department has taken stern action against an operator of an illegal river sand mine at Sungai Tempasuk in Kampung Gunding here on Tuesday.
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KKCCCI chief hails decision to allow transhipment activities in ESSZONE to resume
“Undeniably the use of pump boats poses serious threats in Sabah waters. It was a wise decision by the Committee to ban the use of pump boats by foreigners,” he said.
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BIMP-EAGA thanks Sabah govt for reopening sea trading route
Last April, the ban was imposed on the trading route as a precaution following a series of kidnapping incidents in the waters off Sabah's east coast.
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UMNO leaders always go down to the ground to meet grassroots, says Musa
“I’d like to thank Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for coming up with many policies to help the people such as BR1M.
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Flood: SESB shuts down electricity in Kota Marudu
SESB general manager (corporate communications), Chendramata Sinteh said the power shutdown which began at 8am, affecting 1,500 consumers in 55 villages in the district, was for the safety of the public.
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190117-blurb-1c 159 families evacuated in Kota Marudu
Sabah Disaster Management Committee Secretariat Head Col Mulliadi Al Hamdi Ladin said the victims numbering 808 people in total had been placed in six relief centres which were Sekolah Taritipan, Balairaya Talantang, Dewan Kampung Morion, Balairaya Pancur
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