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Parkson opens new branch at Imago Mall
Popular department store Parkson opened a new branch at the Imago Mall here yesterday, increasing its presence in the city to three stores.
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50 fishermen’s children receive Motivational Awards from Talisman Malaysia
Fifty schoolchildren from among the fishermen community here yesterday received Motivational Awards from Talisman Malaysia Limited, as part of the oil company’s community investment initiative this year.
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Baby Swim Spa offers services to babies with special needs
Sabah’s first Baby Swim Spa in the city also offers services to babies with special needs.
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Teach young ones about rich Hakka history, older generation told
The older Hakka generation has been asked to teach the younger generation about the rich history and colourful culture of the community.
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Register with us for more benefits, ministry urges kindergartens
Kindergarten operators will benefit more if they are registered with the Ministry of Education.
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Education Fair can help school leavers decide career path
School leavers who are still puzzled in deciding their career path can visit StudyMalaysia Education Fair here at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall here today.
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Hakka Complex reflects unity, wisdom of Hakka people
The Sabah Hakka Complex here is an indication of unity, struggle and wisdom of the local Hakka people.
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290315_p2_a Musa: Govt will remain moderate in its approach
Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman has assured the Hakka community that government will continue to be moderate in its approach.
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State education director Datuk Jame Alip will personally monitor the attendance of students in schools across the state.
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State's education exco has no fund for needy schools
normally the minister-in-charge will use his own personal money to help the school when the need arises.
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SLDN graduates in high demand
According to him, the SLDN is an industry-based system where 70-80 per cent of the practical training is done at the workplace whilst 20-30 per cent is focused on theory at the training centre.
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Teo: Aid for Chinese, religious schools in May
“We've lost about 12 years due to a crisis and nothing was achieved throughout the period. And the Registrar of Societies had nearly de-registered our Board of Governors. Therefore, let us put aside the past and move on,” he said.
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MATTA Sabah agrees illegal “white vans” a major issue
“Those caught should be given the maximum fine of RM20,000 or even jailed. This will send a strong signal to other illegal ‘white van” operators,” he said.
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Australian Deputy High Comm to M’sia lauds ESSCom
decision had actually managed to restore confidence among tourists on the level of security in ESSZone.
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Relief for villagers of Kampung Ulu Keningau along Jalan Kimanis
solving the dispute by making a check on the land application PT 2012131415 by one Thien Swee Jin @ Annie Thien and then confirming it as invalid because the location of the land applied for was at Mile 16 of Jalan Kimanis,” said Aliman yesterday.
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