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PPM minanaan 10 modidikot aiso kasagaan (PATI) |  SK Sualok id Beluran kakal pointutub |  194 monginsada nokotimo sakadai 'Touch Point' kihoogo RM232,000 |  MARA tidak ketinggalan jalankan Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat |  Henti eksport kayu balak usaha Sabah penuhi permintaan industri perkayuan |  Orang ramai dijemput hadir MRT Tahun Baru Cina 2019 |  Ketua Hakim cadang kerajaan audit undang-undang berkaitan hak pribumi |  Carlsberg brings best shopping experience |  Unity for better business opportunities |  Tournament to raise funds for ex-State player |  Preparations smooth despite limited budget – Peter |  Timber exports stopped to meet needs of local factories |  Missing elderly woman found unharmed |  Rights of Indigenous people ignored – CJ |  Dr Jeffrey questions if State A-G was consulted before water concessions termination | 
180119_front_c Timber exports stopped to meet needs of local factories
“I am aware that in the last four to five years, due to the insufficient supply, several wood-based factories were closed down and the services of 800 workers were terminated.
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180119_front_b Missing elderly woman found unharmed
Members of the Search and Rescue (SAR) team located her about 2.5km from her house about 11.08am. She was unharmed but appeared weak when they found her.
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180119_front_a Rights of Indigenous people ignored – CJ
“When they are poor, they can be easily persuaded to sell off lands, resulting them in having even lesser means to make a living,” Malanjum said.
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Dr Jeffrey questions if State A-G was consulted before water concessions termination
He also demanded to know if the said terminations were a ‘witch-hunt’ because the concession agreements were signed by the previous BN administration?
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36 Vietnamese jailed for illegal fishing
jailed 36 Vietnamese fishermen for two counts each of attempting to fish in Malaysian waters and using invalid identification on their fishing vessels.
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Illegals and meth seized in operations
The suspect, aged 40, who did not have any valid identification documents, was travelling on a speedboat heading towards Sungai Haji Kuning from the old CIQ when stopped by a Marine Police patrol boat.
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MACC widens probe into food contracts
The modus operandi was to use fake documents to supply millions of ringgit worth of contracts from services to food supplies worth between RM617,500 and RM5,340,000.
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State govt offers PPR units to Kg Tinusa 1 residents
all parties, including the government, cannot defy the court order to vacate the 2.07-hectare village area.
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None of the 18 most wanted in Sabah
Reappearing on the list are Idang Susukan @ Abu Jihad, who is suspected of having decapitated Malaysian Bernard Then Ted Fen; and Abu Sayyaf group commander Hatib Sawadjan.
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Kemalangan-1 Trader killed in road accident while avoiding a puddle
They were heading back to Semporna after picking up Mir Afzal who had just arrived from Kota Kinabalu, when tragedy struck at about 2pm, OCPD ACP Fadil Marsus
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170119_blurb1-col Minister: Water from treatment plants safe
“All 94 staff members of Segaliud water treatment plant and 39 staff members of Meliau water treatment plant did not show up for work on Tuesday but we have replaced them already on the same day,”
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170119_front_c Musa: I’m not a flight risk
“My application to continue medical treatment is a case in point. My medical treatment started in the UK last year as a follow- up to the treatment with my doctor of choice in Singapore who has treated me for more than 22 years.
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170119_front_a Four districts in Sabah remain alert for rabies
Sipitang lies close to Sarawak, which has been hit hard by the outbreak, while Tawau and Kalabakan are close to Indonesia. Nabawan lies in the border with Kalimantan.
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‘Telipok hostage-taker possibly an illegal immigrant’
The man who was shot dead in a hostage incident in Sabah last Sunday is believed to be an illegal immigrant, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said on Wednesday.
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Julnacourt15 Fisherman involved in Segama jewellery store bombing jailed 40 months
He had the explosives in a suspension condition at Kampung Pondo, Pulau Gaya on January 8 at 6.45pm.
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