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Ismaily Bungsu terima Tokoh Budayawan Negeri Sabah
Ismaily yang dilahirkan di Kampung Brunei Membakut juga mantan Pengelola Kebudayaan di KKBS, merupakan aktivis budaya Malaysia dan Sabah yang mempunyai minat mendalam dalam bidang kesusteraan dan aktif bidang puisi dan teater.
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Rural tourism road category needed under special funds
He said that this category was important because most of the roads connecting tourist centres run by rural communities could not be maintained due to the lack of a specific allocation.
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Xian Historic signing soon between KK and Xi’an
Liew will lead a delegation to Xi’an City some time in September this year to witness the historic signing of the MoU between Nordin and the Mayor of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government.
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Hari Kaamatan dan Gawai Dayak Murut disambut di semenanjung Malaysia
HARI KAAMATAN dan Gawai yang disambut secara besar-besaran di Sarawak dan Sabah setiap tahun, kini turut disambut oleh anak-anak Borneo di Semenanjung Malaysia.
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Kekalkan budaya dan tradisi jangan sampai ditelan zaman, kata Hj Ahmad
Katanya, walaupun perubahan zaman semakin canggih, masyarakat Kg.Benoni masih mampu mempertahankan budaya yang ditinggalkan oleh nenek moyang sama ada melalui amalan harian dan hidup bermasyarakat.
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Borneo native celebrations make presence known in peninsula
He said both Kaamatan and Dayak Gawai fests are very important and significant for the indigenous community in both states because these are part of their cultural heritage passed down from their ancestors.
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Unlock Art: Le Meridien chooses UCSF to celebrate Sabah’s unique cultures
According to Kanit, its hotel guests will be able to use their hotel key card to unlock not only their hotel room but also use it to access inspiring art and cultural centre in the area they are visiting.
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Snek pisang Hafiszuddin semakin berkembang di Sabah
"Setakat ini, snek pisang ini boleh didapati di lebih 10 pasar raya di Sabah serta pusat pelancongan, dengan pendapatan kasar syarikat hasil jualan makanan ringan itu mencapai RM15,000 sebulan,"
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‘Discover Malaysia by Sea’ continues in Labuan
Duty-free Labuan with its international standard marina, yachts and shipyard continues to draw in yachters from all over the world for the fourth consecutive year.
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International Museum Day gains public interest
Sabahans have stepped up to support the ongoing six-day National-level International Museum Day, with many making a visit during the weekdays.
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Kaamatan Artis-artis Kadazandusun Sabah id Kota Belud do ko 26tw diti
Ababayan onjuran do Koisaan Piombolutan Tulun Tokou (KPTT) dilo kopokito do koimbulaian di lobi limo artis nokoiyonon ladjong Kota Belud om ngoi mantad kampung dilo.
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United by food for good cause
The Sabah English Aspiration Society (SEAS) president Dr Zainab Kassim once again proves her determination to help Sabahan rural students to master English Language.
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Adam: Traditional bracelets carry a lot of history
“I first started making brass bracelet five years ago in 2014, when I was researching on Sabah’s tattoos. I found most of the motifs are related to headhunting which is not relevant to me,” Adam recalled.
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Initiative to lure Turkish tourists gaining traction
Under the MoU which will be valid from January to December 2020 as a trial period, Dorak Holding will embark on Project 2020 whereby the company will arrange for tourists from Turkey to visit Sabah via charter flights.
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Tourism industry set to earn RM100 billion next year
The FKRK introduced in 2017 is one of nine cultural programmes listed in the cultural tourism sector calendar in nine states to highlight unique local cultures as tourism products.
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