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Ascot Academy students offered hospitality jobs on graduation
Yesterday, 25 youths completed the Executive Certificate in Front Office Operations programme at the academy and are just a step away to start their hospitality career.
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‘School bus service inefficient, unsafe and expensive’
Its Chief Executive Officer and founder, Dr John Britto said that school bus service in Sabah particularly in the city is not efficient, unsafe and expensive.
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Chong Hon Len takes the helm at Institut Sinaran
Datuk Ir. Chong Hon Len heads the new Board of Governors for the term 2019 to 2020 as its chairman at Institut Sinaran, an institute of higher education.
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Study medicine and dentistry in Ireland
This fact can be attested to by the many medical professionals now working in Malaysia, who completed their undergraduate and post graduate studies in Ireland over the past 75 years.
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Wuyi University interested in improving Sabah road, rail transport
He thus hoped that overseas Chinese students would consider pursuing their tertiary education at the university, which specialises in science and engineering courses.
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FSSA anjur Karnival Jelajah Sains 2019 di Ranau Feb ini
Menurut Timbalan Dekan (Penyelidikan dan Inovasi) FSSA, Dr. Mohd Sani Sarjadi, KJS 2019 mensasarkan sekurang-kurangnya penyertaan dari 11 buah sekolah di sekitar daerah Ranau.
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Sabah Youth Council hopes to collect 1,000 books
As of Tuesday, 338 books covering topics on education, economics, history, religion and novels in Malay and English, had been donated by various parties, including the Sabah State Library.
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‘Great step forward for engineering students’
“After the completion of the 1-year attachment, it is hoped that the relationship with HEB will still be continued through joint research and consultation opportunities,” he said.
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Police monitoring students playing truant
According to him, it is important for schools to work together with the police to address such issues like truancy. “If these students are not being advised and educated, they will subsequently get themselves in trouble with the law,” he said.
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Pupils to sit out for a week more
The students affected are those in Primary 2 to 5, said Telupid education officer Mahanin Osman, who assured that the children would be able to return to their block after the repair works were done.
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Keningau schools record smallest number of pupils
Only one Year One pupil enrolled in Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Pangas on the first day of school Wednesday, which was the smallest number of new enrolment in the district this year.
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UMS plays crucial role in managing regional climate, atmospheric data
RCADC is a project funded by the Asia-Pacific Network (APN) for Global Change Research, supported by existing facilities at UMS’ Faculty of Science and Natural Resources.
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Kolokium Pascasiswazah FPEP bantu tingkat kelancaran pengajian PhD dan Ijazah Sarjana pelajar UMS
“Ini penting bagi mengekalkan momentum pengajian yang positif, sekali gus akan menyuntik keyakinan pelajar untuk terus konsisten dalam pengembaraan penyelidikan mereka.
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Limkokwing University produces 21st century industry-ready graduates
A total of more than 12,000 students from Limkokwing University worldwide have graduated, unleashing an empowered pool of talented young people with the requisite skills to meet and exceed industry expectations.
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Confucius Institute established in UMS
The running of this Institute is partly funded by Hanban. The primary roles of Confucius Institute are to contribute towards the teaching and learning of Mandarin language, and to facilitate cultural exchange with China.
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