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44 orang sukarelawan Program Trash Hero Challenge 2020 Vol. 2 berjaya kumpul 57 karung sampah
Aktiviti membersihkan persekitaran pantai telah berlangsung sekitar jam 7 pagi hingga 10 pagi, dengan bertemakan 'Sandakan Thrash Hero Challenge 2020'.
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Wildlife Dept receives truck donation for rescued elephant translocation
The donor who requested to remain anonymous was a visitor to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre two years ago.
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PGRS: Better to channel water directly from Papar River than building dam
The dam’s construction was originally proposed to solve a looming water crisis that would affect millions living in the West Coast by 2030, according to a 2015 study. By then, Sabah’s water reserves are expected to be depleted.
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Old man and the sea: Malaysian’s mission to rid beaches of glass
Worried the shattered glass could hurt people, he said he would pay them for any bottles they found—and they returned with over 500.
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Scrutinise factories along rivers to avoid repeated water pollution – SAM
the re-zoning of factories and buildings near rivers in every state should be done so that waste is no longer discharged directly into the river.
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DOE Intensifies efforts to prevent open burning incidents in Sabah
“A study conducted on peat fires which often occurred in Sabah last year, found that out of the 200,000 hectares of peatland in the state, 36,000 hectares have been categorised as fire prone areas.
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Speeding drivers a menace to wildlife
And the recent sad death of a Proboscis monkey has brought an urgent appeal to all travelling motorists – slow down.
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World Elephant Day celebration at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
In order to bring the public closer to the elephant conservation efforts, several engagement events were held such as storytelling and Tik Tok 5R wildlife competitions as well as a wild-wild walk programme for kids to learn more about animal in the park.
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Two-day cull of coral-eating starfish
Its director Dr Ahemad Sade said the move was to prevent them from feeding on corals, which if left unchecked, could endanger the marine eco-system.
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Can Sabah’s mangroves survive infrastructure development?
“Some roads are planned and built to improve livelihoods through eco-tourism products, such as boating safaris for viewing wildlife including proboscis monkey and fireflies. What would there be for tourists to see and experience if the mangroves are d
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WWF-Malaysia calls for wildlife crime unit
“WWF-Malaysia is confident that aside from the successful efforts of Ops Khazanah, the establishment of a wildlife crime unit would be an important step towards effectively stopping poaching and wildlife trafficking activities in the forests,”
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Global threat to Sabah wildlife
“Worldwide, bribery in crimes involving wildlife smuggling is increasingly spreading at a worrying pace.It has become one of the driving forces for illicit trade that is hard to curb at national and international levels.
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Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Conservation Blueprint on the cards
“The Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is a great natural asset and an ecotourism hotspot that needs to be protected and conserved for tourism operators, the local community and for posterity.
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Eighth rehabilitated sun bear released into the wild
Montom arrived at BSBCC from Kampung Melangkap, Kota Marudu on 21st January 2015. According to his ex-owner, his dog chased away Montom’s mother and left baby Montom behind, which led him to keep Montom as a pet.
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Sabah Govt mulls plan to develop coral hatchery industry
However, the licences for extracting wild corals are currently banned by the Warisan-led government since 2019, due to irresponsible actions carrying out by licence holders.
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