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Sandakan struck by flash floods after heavy downpour
Sandakan firemen evacuated 23 people from 10 families to the nearby village mosque after being notified of the flood at 6.57am in Kampung Pertanian Mile 25, Jalan Labuk.
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Rasa Ria Resort aids rescue of green turtle
A green turtle (chelonia mydas) was rescued from Pantai Dalit at Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort & Spa recently after a guest of the resort together with a water sports staff saw it washed close to the beach.
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Tanjung Aru heroes collect more than 13,000kg of rubbish
Despite the unenthusiastic response, the idea that rubbish is valuable later enticed some of the villagers especially youngsters who eventually made returns every week over the next six months.
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‘Do not abandon junk cars indiscriminately’
“Not only are they sore sights, they could even cause accidents. It is estimated that there are around 160 vehicles abandoned in the Sandakan area,” noted Taren Sunil.
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Leonardo penyu kesembilan dipulihkan di Mabul
Leonardo menghabiskan empat bulan untuk pulih setelah ditemui di air cetek di Pulau Pom Pom di sini dengan keadaan lesu, kurus dan diliputi alga dan teritip kecil.
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Annual beach cleaning programme in need of financial support
A recent photo depicting a seemingly young tourist riding on a sea turtle has gone viral on the social media. It is said to be recent and taken from Semporna during a boat ride around one of the islands.
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Shark crusader prefers all sharks be protected
The protection of the sharks are crucial to Sabah tourism industry as according to study, the live sharks contributed over RM200 million to the diving industry.
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Liew: More hotels adopting green tech concept
"Going green in the hotel is the 'in' thing now - a global trend. It is one of the ways to save the environment. Two ways to go green are reducing or recyling trash and saving energy,"
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Riparian forest protection vital for survival of proboscis monkeys
“These reduced losses were the result of increased protection measures for these habitats in the Kinabatangan floodplain over the past decade,” said NGO Hutan director Dr Marc Ancrenaz in a statement yesterday.
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UMS students volunteers in replanting conservation
Student volunteers from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) played their part in conservation by replanting 232 native and hardwood trees in the effort to restore the rainforest habitat of Sabah’s endangered elephants.
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European Union cash boost for Sabah Forestry Department
He explained that in 2011, Nestlé had established the Kinabatangan RiLeaf Project, which has been supported by YSD since 2014 as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability.
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'Tackling encroachments first priority'
"The unit aims to protect the riparian reserves along the Kinabatangan River from encroachments and any other activities that could affect the biodiversity within the riparian," he said.
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Petronas extends support to ‘Sayang Sungai’ programme
A 300-metre walkway has been installed at Mandalipau River tagal site, about 35km from here, as part of Sayang Sungai 2018 programme organised by Petronas in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries Sabah (DoF) and SK Mandalipau.
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Sabah Forest Policy a step forward, says WWF
Through a number of core thrusts, the 2018 Policy is also in line with the Aichi Biodiversity Targets – a set of 20 conservation goals agreed by world leaders to be met by the year 2020 to safeguard global biodiversity.
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More than 3 million rainforest trees replanted
“Research here complements studies on untouched rainforests in the Maliau Basin. It is a gift from IKEA. All over the world, they have shops selling furniture. It is only here in Sabah they are doing rehabilitation. There is no revenue back,”
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