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Two female pygmy elephants killed by unknown poison – Liew
two female Borneo pygmy elephants were found dead at separate locations in a Sukau plantation and the Demarakot Forest Reserve in Sandakan.
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Ensuring accountability for elephant deaths in Sabah
Although accidents do occur, most deaths appear to have been deliberate, retaliatory killings after the elephants enter agricultural areas and eat crops and trample the ground. Whatever the motive, the killings are unnecessary.
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Shafie: Incidents causing elephant deaths should not be recurring
This is the second and third discovery of elephant carcasses this year after the first one was found in Lower Kinabatangan last month, believed to have been buried by an oil palm plantation company.
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Sustaining Kota Kinabalu’s Marine Heritage: Be part of the solution, not the pollution
The beach combing programme held along the public beach of Sutera Harbour Resort and Sulug Island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on Saturday was not the first held by Sutera Harbour Resort (SHR) and Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI), Universiti Ma
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Free public talk on Zero Waste Lifestyle
Zero Waste is a lifestyle which intends to decrease the amount of rubbish to zero. “In other words, you can live a life without creating unnecessary wastes, especially, non-biodegradable and non-recycling wastes such as plastics”
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HMS contributes over RM11k to orang utan conservation
The fund was raised to support and assist the conservation of orang utan heritage in Sabah, particularly for the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.
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Marine Police thwart attempt to smuggle 4,000 baby freshwater tortoises into Tawau
found the baby tortoises in 39 small containers that were kept in two boxes after opening three bags on the boat. The freshwater baby tortoises were smuggled into Tawau to be taken to Semporna, Nazari said.
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Canon lends support to Sabah wildlife conservation
A series of wildlife photo exhibitions will be coming soon and they will be on public display in multiple locations around Sabah, starting with the "Wildlife Fun at The Library" event in Tawau in conjunction with the World Pangolin Day on Feb 15.
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Global efforts needed to curb wildlife smuggling
She asserted Sabah Government has a clear picture regarding these infamous crimes; everyone needs to take every step necessary to protect the wildlife.
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Bornean elephants avoid urbanised areas, study shows
There are only an estimated 1,500 Bornean elephants in the wild, with populations mostly concentrated in Sabah.
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Workshop marks end of ambitious conservation project
(UNDP) handing over the project outputs and other key documents to the Natural Resources Office on behalf of Sabah’s government.
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Special working group to focus on Bornean elephants
Menon also called on the Sabah Wildlife Department and AsESG to work closely to address the issue of elephant mortality and human-elephant conflict as well as for the conservation of the species.
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TAED, a threat to Sabah’s iconic beach: Landscape architect
As the saying goes, don’t design by putting lipstick on a pig, and in the TAED case, putting lipstick on an orangutan. We are better than that as a LEADER.
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Shafie: Sabahans need to co-exist with elephants
Most of the cases occurred in palm oil plantation or forest reserves, with half of the deaths caused either by gunshot wounds or suspected poisoning, while quite a number remained unsolved.
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Elephants to get food corridor
Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Christina Liew said among others, kampung folks in the area would be appointed to plant elephant foods along the corridor to prevent the pachyderms from going into plantations.
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