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World Soil Day highlights importance of protecting soil biodiversity
World Soil Day (WSD) is held as a global event under the auspices of the United Nations on Dec 5 annually as a means to focus on keeping soil alive and advocating for the sustainable management of soil resources.
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RM11.26m for Heart of Borneo initiative under 12MP
“Since the HoB declaration was signed in 2007, various conservation and preservation efforts and activities in the areas that have been identified under the HoB initiative have been implemented by Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.
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SWCS, Repsol hold Video Contest, Webinar to mark World Soil Day 2020
This virtual environmental awareness programme will witness three experienced panelists from a diverse background presenting and sharing their experience at this Webinar on the theme, Keep Soil live, Protect Soil Biodiversity.
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Tanam pokok di rumah, selamatkan bumi melalui ‘Go Green 2020’ 12 Dis ini
“Melalui acara ini, para peserta akan menanam anak pokok, melafazkan ikrar Go Green dan menyanyikan laguGo Green (lagu digubah khas untuk acara ini yang menggambarkan perpaduan pelbagai budaya di Malaysia).
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Eco-Trap: Reducing effects of river pollution from solid waste disposal
Eco-Trap Project head, Dr Roslinda Ali said the low-cost innovative device, made from plastic bottles, acted as a float when released to the river.
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UCSF study on wildlife roadkill
Explaining the background of the study, Lawrence Alan Bansa, a lecturer in the Faculty of Natural Science and Sustainability of UCSF, said roadkills are a sign of imbalance between development and the natural ecology.
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WWF urges govt to continue working for sustainable development
“Sustainable development should be a goal that ensures a win-win in the environmental, social and economic aspects of Sabah. The threats of flash floods, air pollution, landslides, water supply shortage, and forest fires would increase without adequate
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Sabah turtle sanctuary still going strong
The turtle sanctuary, comprising the three tiny islands of Selingaan, Gulisaan and Bakkungan Kecil on the Sulu Sea off Sandakan on the east coast of Sabah, is a safe haven for the endangered green and hawksbill turtles.
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Sistem tagal penting penduduk pedalaman elak kepupusan ikan
Pengerusi Tagal Kampung Monsok Tengah Joidi Joseph berkata, sejak kebelakangan ini kepupusan pelbagai spesies ikan sungai amat ketara di mana-mana sungai yang tidak ditagal.
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44 orang sukarelawan Program Trash Hero Challenge 2020 Vol. 2 berjaya kumpul 57 karung sampah
Aktiviti membersihkan persekitaran pantai telah berlangsung sekitar jam 7 pagi hingga 10 pagi, dengan bertemakan 'Sandakan Thrash Hero Challenge 2020'.
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Wildlife Dept receives truck donation for rescued elephant translocation
The donor who requested to remain anonymous was a visitor to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre two years ago.
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PGRS: Better to channel water directly from Papar River than building dam
The dam’s construction was originally proposed to solve a looming water crisis that would affect millions living in the West Coast by 2030, according to a 2015 study. By then, Sabah’s water reserves are expected to be depleted.
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Old man and the sea: Malaysian’s mission to rid beaches of glass
Worried the shattered glass could hurt people, he said he would pay them for any bottles they found—and they returned with over 500.
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Scrutinise factories along rivers to avoid repeated water pollution – SAM
the re-zoning of factories and buildings near rivers in every state should be done so that waste is no longer discharged directly into the river.
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DOE Intensifies efforts to prevent open burning incidents in Sabah
“A study conducted on peat fires which often occurred in Sabah last year, found that out of the 200,000 hectares of peatland in the state, 36,000 hectares have been categorised as fire prone areas.
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