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Trash-free event at first Tanjung Aru Beach Fest
“This a trash-free event, and we hope that members of the public can join the fun and various exciting activities and support the movement towards cleaner and greener beaches,” she added.
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500 sertai Gotong-Royong Mega di Ranau
Lebih 500 penduduk dari pelbagai Jabatan kerajaan negeri dan persekutuan, Persatuan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) menyertai program Gotong Royong Perdana bagi membersihkan kawasan pekan di sini pada Ahad.
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Rescued sun bear returns to the wild
A sun bear which was previously rescued from Kg. Abai, Kinabatangan was successfully returned to its original habitat at Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary on Nov 6.
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'Black Soldier' fly could be solution to food waste problem
“Bio conversion by larvae is also an ideal method where the waste will be fed to the hungry larvae which can eat 5,000 times their body weight,” he said.
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Pangolin conservation gets boost
Chan told the Minister that although he is not a career conservationist, he is very passionate about conservation work, and three months ago, friends recommended that he go to East Malaysia for pangolin conservation work.
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Communities identify fish-kill factors in Lower Kinabatangan
A year-long water quality sampling and analysis exercise of two rivers in the Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands show abnormally low dissolved oxygen and high ammonia levels, a combination that is lethal to aquatic life.
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Better, transparent system needed for dealing with plastic pollution
Sabah Environment Protection Association (SEPA) president Dr Lanash Thanda said that there need to be a better thought-out system that does not involve the collection of monies.
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Proper e-waste disposal: Police headquarters latest to go eco-friendly
Physical exhibits of previous crime cases from 2002 to 2014 will be handed over to a licensed contractor under the Environmental Department and shipped to waste disposal sites in the peninsular, he said in a statement read by Kota Kinabalu Police Chief, A
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Sabah wildlife park accepts help from UK animal welfare charity
She went on to note that the Charity discovered a number of areas where there are concerns, in particular the current controlling methods used to manage their elephants.
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Gotong-royong bersihkan Pantai Pimping 10 Nov
Tambahnya, semua pihak perlu bekerjasama menggembleng tenaga dan usaha agar kawasan Pantai Pimping ini dapat dilihat oleh pengunjung sebagai pantai yang terindah dengan prasarana yang menarik perhatian.
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Govt must renounce coal mining at Maliau – Yong
if we take the coal now, the gold will be gone in ten years. And the monkeys too will be gone,” said Yong.
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SEPA seeks clarification on status of gold mine in Tawau
SEPA’s president Lanash Thanda noted that SEPA was alerted on this matter by the public and an article entitled “Borneo Aqua Harvest yields first gold dore bar in Tawau” in the Star Online dated 1 Aug 2018.
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PBH in Telupid can aggravate human-elephant conflict
Besides cutting off elephant migration routes, roads built in inappropriate areas will cause vehicular accidents with elephants, especially during night time when visibility is low.
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“Tiger”, the orangutan returns to the wild
Orangutan Appeal UK’s (OAUK) founder and chairperson Sue Sheward said the release on Wednesday carried out to translocate the big male orangutan known as Tiger from Sepilok to the Tabin reserve made history.
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‘Carry out scientific expedition periodically’
Scientific expedition should be carried out periodically in order to discover more unexplored areas for research development purposes, said director of Yayasan Sabah, Haji Jamalul Kiram Mohd Zakaria.
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